86 Girl, go south.

 We're going south. What is there to see in the south? Will anything change when we head south?

 I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm okay because I have you all. I'm so glad that everyone is with me and accepts me for who I am. I'm not worried, I'm more excited that we can make it together.

 We packed our bags at the Elven village and left for the south. We all grab our stuff and start moving.
 This time, we are not running away like the last time we moved.

 Therefore, there is no need to rush forward. We will find our own pace and find our own place to live. That's what our next move is about.

The sooner we find the place we want to live, the better ...... it will be.
"Yes, it would. Lerunda.

 Ran-san smiled at my mumbling.

 The dream of my future and Gaius' future has become everyone's dream, and we are all trying to make it come true together.
 One step to make that dream come true. That's why we're moving south. When I think about it, my feelings are completely different from when I left the village I loved so much after Athos was killed.

 We are all walking south, little by little.
 I was honestly relieved from the bottom of my heart to be able to say that I might be a godson. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and I can't help but smile these days.

 Little by little, southward, we hit a river.

 There is no bridge to cross the river. The river is quite wide. The river is quite wide. The depth is a bit deep. The gryphons and the sifo carried us in little by little. Fresne used wind magic to carry them. But Freneh's magic was a little unstable, and the people she was carrying looked a little uneasy.

 I wonder if I'll be able to fly if I make a contract with Freneh and she's good with wind spirits. If I can fly, I think I'll be able to do more things. Or rather, I want to be able to fly. I'll ask Fresne and try my best to use more magic.
 By the way, Gaius seems to be thinking about ...... something.

 He's been thinking a lot since he defeated the demon. I want to know what Gaius is thinking, and I want him to talk to me about it, but I think I'll wait for him to talk to me.

 We all crossed the river and took a rest there.

 The gryphons, Sipho, and Fresne were resting. I heard that Fresne didn't need to rest like other people because she was a spirit, but she was resting with me. By the way, Fresne's appearance is not normally visible or audible to people. However, it seems that Fresne is using magic to make herself visible so that people can hear her voice. If you can sense spirits, you can see and hear them without doing anything.

Fresne, can you teach me wind magic?
"Yes. I will.

 Fresne answers my question.

Can I use other magic?
Probably wind is the best match, but I'm sure you can do others. Lerunda works really well with spirits.
...... I see, I'm glad. I wonder if she can get along with spirits other than Frene?
I think Lelunda can if she wants to.

 The fact that you can get along with spirits is honestly nice. I'd be happy if I could get along with all kinds of spirits. I think it would be a lot of fun and a lot of fun for me to be able to live with them.

"Freneh, you have to teach me a lot of magic.
"I can do wind, but the others might be a little difficult for me.
Yeah. And teach me a lot about spirits.

 I lay down with Fresne and we talked. We are surrounded by gryphons and sifo. It's fun to relax and look up at the blue sky like this. The sunlight feels good.

 That day, I fell asleep.
 When I woke up, I suddenly heard everyone talking about something. Everyone was frozen, and I walked up to them.

 And then.
"Happy birthday, Lern Da.
 That's what they said.

 Oh, that's right. My birthday. I'd forgotten it was that time of year.
 Well, ......, it's already been a year since that first fun birthday for me. After Athos died, we all ran away together, met elves, and fought demons. In the midst of such hectic days, I hadn't thought about when the present day would be. But even in those days, you remembered my birthday. And you're celebrating it.

 I was happy about that.

 My heart warmed again.

We're on the move, so we can't celebrate like before, but we'll celebrate.

 Ran-san smiled at me with kind eyes.

 ---A Girl Goes South
 The girl, who is probably a godchild, heads south with her friends. And the girl's birthday comes again.