87 A girl and celebrations along the way

 This time, we celebrated not only my birthday, but also the birthdays of everyone else who couldn't make it because of all the demon slaying and stuff.

Happy birthday!
"Happy birthday!

 "Happy birthday!
 I also wished everyone happy birthday. When I say happy birthday to people, they smile. It makes me happy to see people smile. I don't have a place to live now, but I'm still happy. It's because I have you. Without you, I don't think I could feel happy in this life.

...... Congratulations, Lelanda.
Thank you. Gaius, Gaius, happy birthday.

 Gaius's birthday has come and gone in a flurry of activity. Gaius was still acting a little strange. I wonder what Gaius is thinking about.

 I wonder what Gaius is thinking now that he's finished slaying demons. It would be nice if he could tell me someday. I was thinking that, but I couldn't ask Gaius anything about his current situation.

Lelunda is nine years old.

 Nilusi and Guja, who is also a cat beast, come towards me.
 I am glad that they are smiling at me. I'm glad to be here, where congratulations are being exchanged. A pleasant, warm feeling spreads through me.

 I love this birthday even more than the one that made me so happy last year. I always thought birthdays were just for my sister. But now that I've met everyone and they're celebrating, I feel so much happier.

"Lelanda, are you happy?
Yeah, ......!
I'm glad.

 Ran pats me on the head.

"Round and round...
"Round and round and round.
"round and round and round and round.

 The gryphons sang to me again. They seemed to have learned songs from the elves, some of which I didn't know. I want to be able to sing that song too.

"Hey, ......, Mr. Oshacio.
What's up?
Where's Gaius?
"Gaius is at ...... over there.

 After a while, Gaius was not in the center.
 When I spoke to Mr. Ocasio, he was sitting alone at the edge of the celebration. Gaius, I knew you were thinking about something.
 I wonder what his mind is thinking about. Why is he thinking like that in such a happy place?

"Gaius ......, what's wrong?
"Hmm, he's got a lot on his mind. I think it's safe to leave him alone for now.
...... Mr. Orcasio, Gaius, do you know what he's thinking?
Sort of.

 I have no idea. I don't understand at all, but I'm a little annoyed that you do. I'm good friends with Gaius, I guess. I love Gaius, and he's helped me a lot. Gaius has taught me a lot.

 So I want to help Gaius in any way I can if he's in trouble. I'd like to know about Gaius. But I have no idea what Gaius is thinking right now.

Don't look like that. You can have all the fun you want today. Your mother's beckoning you.

 He patted me on the head, and when I looked in the direction of Mr. Oceanus, I saw that my aunt was indeed beckoning me. My aunt is one of the oldest people here. That's why she looks like she's having a hard time moving. We are all doing our best to help her along the way.

"Lelanda, you've grown a little taller.

 Lernda, you've grown a little taller." She smiles at me and says something like that.
 It's true that I have grown a little taller than when I first came to the beastman village. Since I won't be able to grow any taller when I grow up, the gap between me and everyone else is getting smaller little by little.

Yes, I've grown.
"I made Lelanda some clothes, try them on.

 I think my aunt made me some clothes. A dress like the one I always wear. It has pretty patterns and decorations. I put it on and tried it on.

 It was easy to move around in, and more importantly, it made me happy to think that my aunt had made it for me. It makes me happy to have someone do something for me. That's why I want to be someone who can give something to others.

 I've always wanted to be a grandmother with a cheerful smile. I want to be a grandmother like her in the future.
 Sireva, Wetani, and the other elves were there to celebrate with us. When I thought about it, I thought it was a miracle that we could all get along and laugh together.

 Because Ran and I are human. Gaius, Dong and the others are wolf beasts. Nilshi and the others are cat beasts. Sireva and the others are elves. I thought it was amazing that such different beings could laugh at each other like this and have the same goal. To be able to celebrate together like this.

 That's what I'm most happy about and what I think is amazing. I thought it was the best birthday present I could have ever gotten.

 The ---- girl and the celebration on the road 
 (A girl who is probably a godchild enjoys celebrating on the road. Feeling the miracle of all the different people laughing together.