89 Father, without reflection.

 Why did this happen to me?

 I was supposed to be the father of Alice, who was to be taken in by the Grand Shrine as a divine child. And why did my wife have to fall ill?

 I was forced to tell the High Priestess about the existence of Lelunda. I didn't understand why they would make me tell them about the existence of such a creepy child. In addition to that, I was separated from my wife and put under house arrest for a while after that. Occasionally, I was ordered by the High Temple to smile and not speak, and the only time I could go out was when I was reluctant to do so.

 The only time she can go out is when she is reluctant to do so. When I asked her if she thought it was okay to do this to Alice's father, a godson, she laughed.
 At the same time, I was told that Alice was probably not a divine child, and that the divine child was probably that Lernunda.

 That Lerunda, the godson?
 That creepy kid?

 I honestly thought it was ridiculous when I heard that.

 I couldn't believe that this child, whose mere presence darkened the place, was a godson. However, the fact that his wife, who had been recovering from her illness after carrying Alice in her body, was getting sick while Alice was living happily as a divine child, made me think that Lerunda might indeed be a divine child.

 My wife was happy because of Lerunda. Is it because we abandoned Lerunda that we are now in this situation?
 When I think about it, I wish I hadn't abandoned Lerunda then. If we hadn't abandoned her and let the temple take her in as a sister of the divine child, she would have stayed with us and my wife wouldn't have fallen ill. Still, if Lerunda was also a child of the gods, it would have been better if she had some features that would have made her more recognizable as a child of the gods. I don't know what the ...... gods like when they don't have such features and are just creepy children.
 In any case, we are still the parents of the child, and I resent the Great Temple for treating us so unfairly.

 And Lelunda, Lelunda. We raised Lelunda, even if she was creepy. And yet he doesn't appreciate it, which is why his wife got sick. What a terrible child.

 I go to see my wife.
 You're allowed to do so under supervision. I am frustrated that I have to get permission from the High Priest to visit my wife who is sick. However, my wife is recovering well with the help of those arranged by the High Temple. They said they made the arrangements because we are the parents of the child.


 I hear my wife's voice. My wife's voice, the voice that has been with me all these years.

 I really don't know how this happened. We were supposed to be happy. We were supposed to live happily ever after. We were supposed to live happily ever after as godchildren's parents with a special child named Alice.

 In the first place, why is that creepy child said to be a divine child? Is he really a godson? Isn't it possible that the creepy little girl did something to deprive Alice of her divine power when she was really the divine child? It makes sense that Alice is the divine child, but it doesn't make sense that such a creepy child is the divine child.

 I can't forgive my wife for having to go through this painful experience because of that child in the first place.

 It seems that the Grand Temple is desperately searching for the child. If they find her, they must apologize to my wife. Because the child has forgotten the debt of gratitude he owes her for raising her, his wife is in this terrible predicament.
 We're in this mess because of that creepy kid, Lelanda. She's the one who's making us unhappy. She's the reason we're in this mess.

This guy has no remorse.
"...... Such a man is the father of the godson.

 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site. I didn't care how cold they were looking at me, or what they thought of me. The only thing I cared about was that I was in this situation because of Lelanda, and I wanted my wife, who was ill, to get well.

 ---- father, no remorse.
 I'm sure the father of the girl and her sister, who is a godchild, did not feel remorse even though he was told that the girl might be a godchild. The girl and her sister's father did not feel any remorse even though they were told that the girl might be a divine child. They just felt that they were in this situation because of the girl. (He didn't even think about how people around him were looking at him.