90 I know the sorrows of girls and boys.

 After celebrating my birthday, we headed south again. As we discussed where to move our base, we continued on our way.

 Gaius still looked as if he was thinking about something. Mr. Oceanus said that we should leave him alone, but I wonder if we should really leave him alone. I wish I knew more about Gaius. If I knew Gaius better, would I be able to deal with the way he looks at me?
 I think so, but just as people don't know exactly what's in my heart, they can't know exactly everything about me and Gaius because we're different people. I never thought about this when I was in the village where I grew up.

 I wasn't dead, I was just living, not thinking much.

 I didn't have many conversations, I didn't open my mouth. I didn't want to know anyone, and I didn't want to do anything on my own.
 But when I met the gryphons and Sifo, my family, and everyone I love, I learned a lot of things. I've learned that there are things you can't understand unless you talk about them.

 It wasn't until a few days later that I got the chance to hear from Gaius.

 It was night.
 I looked up at the sky and the stars were shining. The night sky is so beautiful.
 I feel calm when I look up at the stars. No, it's not just the stars, there's something about nature that calms me down.
 It was a night like this when I made my vow to Gaius. I wanted to walk while thinking about that.

A ......

 As I was walking, I saw Gaius.
 I saw Gaius. Gaius is looking at me.

"Gaius ......

 I'm looking at Gaius.

"Gaius, talk to me.

 I said, and Gaius nodded. So we sat down side by side.

"Gaius is .......

 I'd like to know what Gaius is thinking. I wanted to know what Gaius was thinking, but I didn't want to force him to talk.
 Gaius looked at me and smiled a little.

"Lelunda, you're wondering what I'm thinking, aren't you?

 Gaius knew what I was going to ask. Gaius says to me.

"Lelunda, ......, was amazing when she killed that demon.

 Gaius mentions me. Gaius says of me, "You were amazing, but I was just desperate.

I was just desperate. "...... to be of help to everyone. I've also made contracts with gryphons, skyforce, and this time with spirits .......
"...... Yeah.

 What does Gaius's distress have to do with me? I don't know. That's why I'm listening to Gaius. If I don't listen, I won't know what Gaius is thinking. Because I want to know what Gaius is thinking.

"Lelunda is ......, well, she might be a godson, and she's amazing .......
Not awesome.
No, she is. She helps people. But I'm saying that I want to create a place where everyone can feel safe, but I'm not doing that at all.

 Gaius doesn't know what he's talking about.
 Gaius is no good? No, he's not. Gaius is amazing. Gaius is kind and he helps me and he's amazing. I think Gaius is awesome.

"I'm all talk and no action like Lelunda. I don't have any power at all. I didn't do anything when I killed the demon.
"...... No, you're not. Gaius, you're amazing. I know. Gaius, you're always so kind. Gaius has helped me a lot. And it never occurred to me to make a place where I could feel safe. Gaius came up with the idea, and we talked about it. That's why we all agreed it was a good idea.

 Gaius was always kind. Gaius was always nice to me. And it was because of his wish that I became everyone's goal. Maybe if Gaius hadn't said it, it wouldn't have become everyone's goal. At least I didn't think of it.
 Gaius said it and I thought it was nice and I wanted to make that wish come true too.

"Gaius is the only reason I'm this far ahead. Gaius, no. Gaius, you're amazing!

 "Gaius, you're awesome!" I think Gaius is awesome, no matter how many times he says he's not. Gaius is awesome.

Yeah, Gaius is awesome!
Thank you, ......, but I want to help people more. I want to be stronger than just talking. I want to be able to protect you better.
Yeah, well, let's work on that together.
I, Gaius, pray to be strong.
Ha, thank you, Lern Da.

 Gaius, you made me smile. I hope it makes you feel better. I pray that Gaius will be strong. I wish Gaius would smile.
 And I hope we can do it together.

 The next day, an unexpected change took place.

 ---A girl learns of a boy's sorrow.
 (Maybe the girl, a child of the gods, learns of the boy's sorrow. The boy felt helpless that he could not do anything.