92 Girl, learning on the way

 Everyone was listening to the conversation between me and Gaius. After my conversation with Gaius, the children of the beastmen who had been listening also said they would do their best with us.

 As we continued to search for a place to live, we wanted to become stronger, so we worked out with the six beast children, Shinomi, Kayu, Ilkesai, Luceno, Lirid, and Dandonga.
 I think it is necessary to build up physical strength in order to protect everyone. If you don't have the strength, you won't be able to move when the time comes.
 The boys were saying how cool it was that Gaius' ears and tail had turned silver.
 I thought the brown ears and tail were nice, but I thought the silver ears and tail were even better, even as I stared at the changed parts of Gaius.
 Gaius said that he could feel magic more easily than before since the change came. He was also able to use his physical enhancements. However, the other children didn't seem to have any magic power, so they couldn't use body enhancement magic either. Some of the children were depressed about this, but beastmen are a race that cannot use magic in the first place.

"If you can't use magic, you should train your body.

 That's what I said.

"I'm not as physically strong as everyone else. You should use your strengths.

 I can use magic to strengthen my body, but my physical ability is much higher than that of a beastman. I can use magic to strengthen my body, but my original physical ability is much higher than that of a beastman.
 Besides, if everyone is good at the same thing, the number of things they can do will be limited. I've been thinking lately that it's better if everyone has different strengths.

 I've been learning wind magic from Frené. It's more difficult to use wind magic than strengthening magic. Freneh helped me to use it when I was killing demons. But when I tried to use it without Freneh's help, I couldn't do it at all and I felt a little depressed.
 I'm also learning earth magic from Sireva and others. It's not as good as wind magic. It seems I have a strong aptitude for wind magic. I think it would be wrong if I dabbled in too many things and ended up half-hearted, so I'm making wind magic my number one goal.
 By the way, Fresne is a pretty strict teacher.

Lern Da, that's not going to work!
"There, like this...

 I know that Frené is trying hard to teach me, so I'm trying hard to respond to her.

 When I can use wind magic, I'm going to try to fly like the gryphons and the sifo. If you have a goal to fly with others, you will be motivated to do your best even if it doesn't work out.

"...... What else can I do?

 Gaius was troubled by the fact that he didn't seem to know exactly what he could do, partly because he had just changed. He was sure that he could feel magic more easily, but was there anything else that had changed?

"Is there anything you can do?
I'm not sure what I can do.

 Gaius has a troubled look on his face. You can tell from his ears and tail that he's depressed.

"I can't do wind magic at all either.
"...... We're not ready yet. Let's work on it, little by little.

 Gaius nodded his head in agreement.

 I also talked to Mr. Lan.

"Lelunda, I see that Raymer and Gaius have given you their blessings. I think it is good that you have blessed Raymer and Gaius and made them your knights. However, there are only a limited number of knights. It is better not to give blessings too easily. Of course, there will be conditions, so I don't think you can give blessings easily.

 I had heard a little bit about blessings from Mr. Ran. I had heard a little bit about blessings from Ran, but only vaguely understood that I could do that.

"How limited is the number?
"I don't know that. I wish I knew that. But there are references in the literature to a limited number of Knights of the Divine Child, and there are certainly only a few beings that have been directly blessed.
So I think it's better to think properly and give the blessing. However, it is best to give them as Lelanda wishes. ......

 To be honest, I don't really understand why people say you should think about it, because the change is happening when you hope and pray and feel that way.

I think it's good to give blessings to people who like Lelanda. I think it's a good idea to give blessings to people that Lelanda loves. ...... But there may be some people out there that will try to use that as an opportunity to hide their true feelings and try to win you over. I don't know what will happen in the future, but as long as there are not many people like now, you may be fine. But if the number of friends increases, not all of them will be kind to Lerunda. We don't know if the people Lerunda likes and trusts will always be like that. ......
...... Yeah.

 I think it's difficult to say. I don't know if the person I like and trust will always be that way. Does that mean, for example, that Mr. Ran, whom I am friendly with now, will dislike me in the future? I'd like to think not, but I suppose the reality is that such things may happen.

I'm sorry for making this difficult, Lerunda. But you have to think about it.
You have to think about it, because you might be a godson.
"...... Yes.

 I nodded at Ran's words. It's difficult to say, but it's something I have to think about because I might be a godson. It's something I need to face.

 As I listened to Ms. Lan's story, I became even more aware of this fact.

 ---- girl, learning along the way
 (Maybe the girl who is a divine child improves herself with the beast children. (Perhaps the girl, a divine child, improves herself with the beast children, and develops her mind through conversations with the lady.