93 Record of Ms. 2

 "Records of the Shenzi.
 Recorder: Landono Stoffer

 Lernda, the girl who is supposed to be the Divine Child, is now nine years old.
 Many things have happened since I met Lerunda. First, the beastmen who used to be close to Lerunda were killed. And I was forced to leave the beastmen's village.
 The reason why the cat beastmen's village was attacked was certainly because of the appearance of the godson. The cat beastmen became slaves or lost their lives.
And the kingdom of Migga reached out to the village of the wolf beastmen. However, because of Lerunda's presence, only one person was killed.
 It is only natural to think about it. The human nation is much larger and more powerful than the beast village. It is fortunate that the human nation acted and only one person was harmed. If it had not been for Lerunda, the beastman village would have been wiped out, or at best half destroyed, or all of them would have fallen into slavery.

 Lerunda then made a vow with Gaius, the beastman boy.
 That is, to build a place where everyone can laugh. They both said they wanted to fulfill that vow.
 If their wish was truly fulfilled, the names of Lernda and Gaius, as well as everyone else's, would go down in history.

 After that, I met the elves.
 I had read about the elves in literature, but this was the first time I had actually met them.
 I was wary of them because they were so friendly, but I had no idea that they were threatened by demons and wanted to sacrifice us.
 If Lerunda hadn't been there, we would have been sacrificed.

 Our lives existed because Lerunda had the power to sense spirits and was able to persuade us.

 Lerunda was able to defeat the demons and solve the problem of the spirit tree.
 She was also able to tell her friends that she might be a divine child.

 I am still convinced that Lerunda is a divine child.
 Lerunda has now made a contract with a gryphon, a skyhorse, and a wind spirit.
 She has also caused two instances of what is known as the "Knight of the Divine Child.
 One is a griffon named Raymer.
 The other is Gaius, a beast boy.
 The change in Gaius is that his ears and tail have changed from brown to silver. I've also heard that he's more sensitive to magic. But perhaps there is more to it than that. We also need to record how Gaius is changing.
 And under what conditions the blessing is given to the Knight of the Divine Child, and how the blessed being changes. As a researcher of the Divine Child, this is an interesting question.

 However, it is known from research that the Divine Child does not give blessings indefinitely and continue to produce "Divine Knights". I hope that Lerunda will not be saddened by the blessings he gives. If Lerunda is able to prevent blessings from being given to beings that may oppose him, then there may be no problem, but I am a little worried.

 I wonder where Lerunda will go from here. What kind of life will he lead?
 It is unlikely that Lernda's path will lead her to achieve her goals without anything happening to her. Fulfilling the wishes of Lerunda and Gaius will be a difficult path. In order to achieve the goals we want to achieve, we must fight the humans when they eventually find us. We must improve our ability to protect ourselves.

 Lerunda, who had made a contract with a wind spirit, turned out to have a high aptitude for the wind attribute.
 In addition, since she has made a contract with a gryphon and a skyhorse, it is possible to guess which god she is receiving blessings from. However, there is no clear evidence yet. I would like to clearly prove which god Lerunda is blessed by, and whether Lerunda is really a divine child.
 If I can show Lerunda some evidence, will he admit that he is a divine child, instead of "may be a divine child"? I believe that Lelunda is a divine child. But there is a small possibility that she may not be. Because there are no absolutes in this world.

 Lelunda, the girl who might be the Divine Child.
 Let's help her get there and keep an eye on her. And when Lernda seems to make a mistake, I want to be there to guide her.

 ---Records of the Master 2
 She will probably record the girl who is the Divine Child. And she wants to have some proof that she is a child.