95 girl and a new place

The air in this place is so good. The spirit tree is happy to be here.

 The place where Fresne said this was a place with a small mountain on its side. There is also a small waterfall running beside it. When we were in the beastman village, we were too far away to see that there were mountains around here. And now I can see that there are bigger mountains further south. If we climb to the top of the mountain, we might be able to see how far the forest we're moving through goes. This forest to the south of the kingdoms of Feeritroff and Migga was considered uncharted territory because it was so vast and there was no telling what dangers lay ahead.

 Ran said that it was probably because of my presence that they were able to come this far without being attacked by demons. It made me happy to think that my presence had been useful to everyone.

 We are now listening to Fresne's words and taking a walk around the area to see if we can find a place to live. Even if it is a comfortable place for the spirit trees and spirits, it is meaningless if it is not a comfortable place for me as a human, Gaius and the others as beasts, and Sireva as an elf.
 Our goal is to create a place where we can all spend time together.
 In the end, we all looked around and decided that this place seemed like a good place to live, so we decided to build a place here.
 The first thing we decided to do was to discuss where to plant the spirit tree. In the Elven Village, the trees were planted far away from the Elven Village, but I don't think it's necessary to plant them so far away this time. Besides, it would be easier to protect them if they were in the center.

 There are three spirit trees in total that I got the other day. I'll plant one of them. The other two we can keep separate in case we have to leave.
 That way, if we have to move to another place, we can protect the tree and the spirits.

Where would be a good place to go?
There's good magic flowing around here. So I think we should plant it here.
Is that so?
Yeah. The magic flowing through the land is very comforting. I feel comfortable here too.
Oh, yeah.

 Fresne laughed, saying that the magic flowing through the land was very pleasant, and that it was better to plant it here. Frené laughed, saying that the magic flowing through the land was very comforting, and that they should plant it here.

 We cut down some of the trees that were originally there, made a larger area, and planted the spirit trees there with all of our hearts. I planted the trees, hoping that the spirits resting in the trees would get well soon.
 After planting the spirit trees, I wondered how we could build a place around here, a village? After planting the tree, we are discussing how to build our own place - a village or something like that - in front of the tree.

"We elves want our home to be in the trees.
We want it on the ground, not in the trees.
And of course we want a place to worship the spirits.
We also need a place to dismantle the demons we've hunted.

 "We need a place to dismantle the demons we've hunted," they said to each other. Ran and I were asked the same question, but I thought it would be fine with either of us as long as we could live with the gryphons and Sifo. Mr. Ran also wanted to live with me, and I thought it would be nice to have a house where me, Mr. Ran, the gryphons, Sifo, and Fresne could live together. And I want to be able to build a nest for the gryphons outside the house. That's about all I'm hoping for.

 I thought it would be a lot of work to build a place for everyone to live together, but I thought it would be fun. A place for us to build together.

 In this really empty place, we are making a place with our own hands where we want to spend all our time. I think that's very exciting and wonderful.

 We'll be discussing which trees to cut down. But it was very important, and we couldn't decide which trees to cut down to build the houses, and which trees to build the houses for the elves on. While we were discussing, it was getting dark, so we all took a nap together.

 The air in this place is delicious. The breeze was soothing and it made me feel at home.

 We are excited to have found a new place to live. From this place, we can take a new step forward. I don't know what will happen in the future, but I hope that we can create a comfortable place here, and protect this place.
 If you look up at the sky, the stars are shining brightly. The weather is good. The stars seemed to be blessing our new beginning.

 ---- A girl and a new place
 The girl, who is probably a child of God, arrives at a new place with her friends. From there, the girl will take a new step.