96 Girl and Village Building 1

 We wake up and talk about what kind of place we want to live in.

 Which trees to cut down, which to keep, which areas to plant crops. These are the kinds of discussions that we all have to have and create from scratch.

 It's something that we, each and every one of us, are building up. What we are building up. I'm really happy that we can create a place where we can spend time together.
 I'm going to cut down the trees that Dong and the others have decided to cut down.
 I'm trying to help with the felling by using my physical enhancements, but I'm not doing as well as everyone else. Fresne told me that it would be faster to use wind magic to cut down the trees, but that didn't work out so well either. I couldn't control my magic well enough to cut down unnecessary trees, so my help was put on hold for a while. I was depressed because I had magic power and could use wind magic, but it was useless at the moment. The house was built little by little, house by house.

 Building a house from the ground up is hard work, and I couldn't help very well.
 My most important job now is to put magic power into the spirit tree. Frené says that this is something that only Lernda can do, and I'm glad that I can help the tree and the spirits in this way, but I'm impatient to do more for everyone.

 Since his ears and tail changed to silver, Gaius seems to have more power than before, and even though he's not much older than me, he's contributing to the logging and house building. Gaius smiled happily at the fact that he could contribute.
 He is also working to build a herb garden and a farm. I've been working hard too. The elves, who were good at earth magic, were active here.

Lelunda, I helped with the hunting today!
"Lelunda, I helped with the cooking.

 "Lelanda, I did the cooking!" Kayu and Shinomi smiled at me.

"We did the demolition. "We did the dismantling, Dundonga.
"Yeah. We did a pretty good job.

 Ilkesai and Dundonga tell me that they did the dismantling together.

We worked with Gaius on the house!
"We built that one!

 Luceno and Lirid proudly point towards the house.

 Now I was talking with the beastman children. Of course, Gaius is there.
 I stare at Gaius' silver ears and tail. The original colored ears and tail are very attractive, but the beautiful silver ears and tail are very tempting to touch. I don't touch them because I know it's an act that only number one would approve of, but I can't help but think they're very attractive and fluffy.

"It's nice to have a home, little by little.
Oh. The gryphons are building their nest.

 The gryphons have brought their own nests. It made me smile to see the ramers working so hard to assemble the nest in a slightly elevated area. The baby gryphons were getting bigger than when I first met them. Raymar told me that they would all be adults in another three or four years.
 The little gryphons were shouting that they were looking forward to growing up.

 I wondered if I would be taller and more mature by then. I wonder what my life will be like then. At least, I hope I'll be with the people I love. I hope I'll be able to laugh with them.

Lernda, my aunt said she'll teach me more when things settle down a bit!
That's exciting.
I don't like to study much, but I'm looking forward to learning from her, because I haven't been able to do that lately.

 That's what Kayu said. We ran away from the humans, messed around in the elf village, and then moved again. In the midst of all this, I didn't have time to listen to my aunt's story. The everyday life that was normal in the village of the beastmen is gradually becoming normal again in this new village, and it warms my heart to think about it.
 A normal, gentle everyday life awaits us here. That's the hope that grows in me.

 And I want to do my best to keep that normal, kind life going. I want to do my best to protect that normal everyday life.

I want to do my best to protect that normal life." "Everyone is saying that we could make a place to pray to the gryphons, like a place for the elves to pray to the spirits.
Hmm, ......, if it's too big, people might not like it.
A little bit of that might be okay?
What do you think?

 I replied to Ilkesai's words. There are no gryphons around now. Sifo is right beside me, but the gryphons are busy building their nests. I saw the elves building a huge building to pray to the spirits, and I guess the beastmen wanted to build one too.

 If I'm ...... really a godson, should I build a place to pray to the gods that seem to be giving me blessings? I thought I'd talk to Ran about it as I listened to Ilkesai's words.

 ---The Girl and the Village 1
 (A girl who is probably a child of the gods works hard to build a village with her loved ones. Then she had a conversation with the beast children.