97 Girl and Village Building 2

God, do you think we should make a place to pray?
"Yes, ......, it might be a good influence to have.

 When I went to him for advice, he said that it might have a positive effect on me.
 If I really am a god child, I have no idea which god is influencing me, but I will still make a small place to pray. Thank you for giving me this magical power. I think I'm here because of that magical power.

 I wanted to have a place to pray, so I decided to try my best to make a place to pray by myself. I couldn't do it alone, so I had to ask for help from others. And we can't build it right away because we have to build our own place to live.

 I wonder if praying to the gods will make any difference. I'm a little excited.

 Ran and I finished our house a while ago.

 It's a big house so that the gryphons and the sifo can stay there too. It's a one story house made of wood. The doors are large and the furniture inside is made by hand, little by little. In this way, I feel like I'm getting better and better at making furniture. It makes me happy that the number of things we can do increases little by little.

"You made the bed.
"Yes, it's done. What kind of furniture do you want, Lerunda?
I'd like a chest of drawers and more.
That's right. There will be more clothes.

 I don't know what else I want, I can't think of anything right away, but I'll get it little by little and see what I need as I go along.

 One by one, the houses of Sireva and the elves are being completed. Also, the elves were working hard to build a building for the worship of the spirits. When I was in the elven village, I had never been inside the building, but I was happy to hear that I would be allowed to enter it this time.

 I wondered if this new place would be different from the place where I was born and raised, from the village of beastmen that I loved, and from the fantastic landscape of the Elven village.
 Our own village, our own creation. A place where we ourselves will live.

Once we have a village, we need to make rules and regulations here. Little by little, we need to create a place where we can live comfortably and learn more about our surroundings.

 We have to make rules to create a comfortable place to live. We have to make rules to make it a comfortable place to live, and we have to make it a comfortable place for ourselves to live. It's also important to know more about the environment around us. We need to explore our surroundings in order to live here.

We should explore our surroundings so that we can spend more time here, because this is an untouched area, and there may be many things we don't expect to find here. There are some plants that are growing here that we haven't seen before, and we need to check them out.

 This area is untouched by human hands. This area is untouched by people. It is rich in nature and has not been developed. That's why it's still unknown what's around here.

 I wonder what I will think of our village after we finish building it. Where is this place where we live going to go? That, too, is still an unknown.

Yeah. I can't wait to see what you discover.
"Yes. But there may be some hard discoveries, too.
Yeah. But I'm going to do my best not to run away this time, to protect you all.
Yeah, let's do it. I'll do my best with you.

 That's what Mr. Lan and I are talking about. I was anxious about what kind of discoveries and encounters awaited us here, but I was also very much looking forward to it.

 Little by little, we gave shape to the village.

 As a result, a series of buildings were built over time. With the spirit tree in the center, a large plaza was built around it. It was designed to be used for gatherings, discussions, and festivals. I really liked the atmosphere of the large square.

 There are houses built around it.

 I also built a small building near the spirit tree where I pray to the gods. There is a chapel for praying to the spirits and a place for praying to the gryphons.
 The herb garden and fields are also taking shape. It is still a small area, but they say it is growing very fast.

 From here, a new step begins. The completion of the village is not the end, but the beginning.
 I want to live forever in this place we've built together. That's what I thought.

 ---- Girl and Village Building 2
 (Probably, the new place for the girl who is a godchild is being built. (Maybe the new place for the girl who is a godchild is being built.) As she watches it, she wishes she could live in this place forever.