98 princess and signs of collapse

 I, Ninaeff Fairlie, recall the last two years since the being known as the Divine Child was taken in. My life has changed a lot since the divine child was taken over by this country.

 And I don't know what's going to happen to the Kingdom of Fairytlov itself.

 I became engaged to a neighboring country's Lord Hiccup Migga. Just the other day, I spoke harshly to Master Hiccup. Lord Hiccup was powerful but unwilling to move. I couldn't help but raise my voice at that. After I said what I did, I became impatient. I thought that I had done something wrong and that the engagement might be broken. But Master Hiccup was not offended by my words, he just looked at me blankly and smiled.

 ---Then he said that he would help me. Then Master Hiccup became a little more expressive. He started to smile at me. ...... I feel a little nervous when Hiccup acts like this, because it makes me feel closer to him.

 I think I may have fallen in love with Hickdo. ---But I can't afford to think about that right now. The kingdom of Faerytlov will fall. At the very least, it won't be the same as before.

 According to the information I've received from the Venetians, there seems to be a lot of dissatisfaction with the current situation in the Kingdom of Fairytlov. In spite of the presence of the Divine Son, a being whose mere existence is said to be a blessing, crop failures continue and bad things are happening.

 Your father was said to be a capable king until now. But I've learned in the last two years that's not true. Perhaps the reason why this country was running well until two years ago was because there was a girl in this country who was a true godson. If your father had been more capable in the presence of a divine child, this country would have prospered more. Your father is neither a wise king nor a foolish king. He is neither wise nor foolish, it's just that he has never had any problems before.

 ---- There are whispers in the Great Temple and the Royal Castle that perhaps the protected children are not the real children of the gods.

...... Could there be a riot? And are some of the nobles about to take action? ......

 I mused.

In addition, there is a movement by the slaves in the Kingdom of Migga,....... What if both of them move at the same time?

 If they move one at a time, but if they both move at the same time, I don't know what will happen.

 There is also information from the Venetian Chamber of Commerce that some of them have gone on a journey to look for the real God Child. And the priests who received the oracle to find the Divine Child are not even rumored to be there. The first priest to wake up is said to have set out on a journey to find the child, but the others may or may not have woken up, nor do they know what happened to them.
 Because of my alliance with the Venetian Chamber of Commerce, a lot of information has been coming to me.

 The more information I learn, the more I can see that this country will eventually lose its current form. By the way, I've heard more than a little about Master Alice. I've heard that Master Alice is throwing tantrums more selfishly than ever before. However, it seems that the people around Alice, who are considered to be her godchildren, are not as obedient to her as before.
 The fact that those who were so obedient to Alice are behaving in such a manner suggests that they have something on their mind.

 If things continue as they are, the girl who is considered to be the divine child will be in danger. I think it's wrong to put everything on a girl who is only nine years old. The people from the Venetian Chamber of Commerce also said, "Didn't the girl get what she deserved? But I still think it's wrong. Yes, she may have made mistakes. But that doesn't mean I want to put everything on the little girl, including her upbringing.

 I wonder where and what the little girl who might be a real divine child is doing now. Where did she go after her encounter with Hiccup? ---Also, Hiccup said that he killed a beastman who might have been a close friend of the girl when he captured the beastman on the order of His Majesty the King of Migga Kingdom.

 Hiccup, who had no intention of disobeying the king's order and could not disobey it. He said he couldn't move even if he wanted to. Now Hiccup is trying to act on my words.

 I don't know what's going to happen now.
 But I'm not alone.
 There are more than a few people on my side. That alone is a source of courage for me.

 You only live once. I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm going to follow my own path.
 A few days later, I heard the news that my father, the king of the kingdom of Fairytlov, had died.

 ---- The Princess and the Signs of Collapse
 (The princess receives the news. The princess is informed of the death of the head of the kingdom. What will it bring to the kingdom?