99 The cat listens.

 As always, there is no freedom in my life. There is no such thing as freedom in the position of a slave. I can see that the people around me who are also slaves are gradually losing their nerve. Every time I feel it, my heart is also getting worn out in no small way.

 The slaves are controlled by despair. It's instilled in them that there is no escape from this place. Occasionally, as an example, a slave will be hurt. Some are whipped for such trivial things as dropping something they were carrying. The people who control us see us as animals. They never recognize us as people.

 --I'm here as an obedient slave. Fortunately, it seems I have a beautiful appearance to human eyes. Because of my appearance and obedience, I have been favored by humans. I am treated better than the other slaves. I am treated better than the other slaves, and because of that, there are many slaves who are dissatisfied with the fact that they are treated better than the other slaves. I want to escape from the position of a slave. I want to get out of slavery, and if I can, I want to be with those who have fallen into slavery.
 I hope so, but I haven't told anyone my true intentions. ---Because I don't know where they'll find out. I think alone, I act alone. That's what I'm forced to do. I can't talk to you about it. If I do, I may never get my wish. In fact, I've seen people who were trying to escape, but they realized what they were doing and disappeared. I hope they are still alive, but ...... they may have been killed.

 I could be killed too if they knew I was always thinking about getting away.

Dascha really does have a beautiful face.

 The one who likes me is a nobleman from the kingdom of Migga. She's a daughter of a count. But in the society of beastmen, there is no such thing as aristocracy or class, so the word "countess" doesn't mean much to me. She is said to have a higher rank than the commoners, but not the highest.
 However, it is much better to be liked by the nobility than to be a slave who is not liked by anyone. Because you can gather information.

 ---To be honest, I feel so uncomfortable when someone touches my ears or tail with an enraptured face that I want to shake off my hand. My mother and sister have always told me that ears and tails should be touched by the guard. But now I'm letting a human girl, who I don't feel anything for, and who I'm only using to gather information, touch me. I feel like I'm losing something important, like my precious memories are being tainted, and I want to scream at the girl in front of me. But I hold back.

 For the sake of my desire to come true. For what I want.
 Isn't there any point in doing this? Will I end up being a slave for the rest of my life if I persevere? It's not that I don't feel such feelings of resignation. ---But I don't want to give up, because I want to. Because I long from the bottom of my heart to be free one day.

I'm glad you like it.
"Mmm, you're cute.

 "I'm glad you like it. I feel that one day my chastity will be taken away from me, but I know that it is inevitable even if it is. I guess it's one of the sacrifices I have to make to get out of this environment.

 To the human girl in front of me, I will stand by her with a submissive attitude. As long as she allows me to do so, I will at least be able to gather more information than if I were just a slave. If I had the power to change the current situation in an instant, I might be different, but I don't have that power.
 That's why, when I thought about what I should do, I thought I should assess the situation, find an opportunity, and act. For that, I need a lot of information.

 I pieced together in my mind the information that this girl and her parents had told me in bits and pieces.

 Recently, the girl in front of me told me that the king of a neighboring country might have died. Apparently, one of the reasons why this country, the Kingdom of Migga, had reduced us beastmen to slaves was because the neighboring country had acquired a special being, a divine child, though I didn't understand it.
 It is said that the country with the divine child will be happy, but the neighboring country is currently in a very bad situation. The girl in front of me said confidently, "She said that her father may have mistreated the divine child he protected, or that he may not really be a divine child! And so on.

 In the neighboring countries, it is said that there will be a great deal of trouble because of this. And it is said that the country where I am being held is not sure what will happen.
 The girl in front of me misunderstands me, probably because I am obedient and show that I like her.

"Protect me if anything happens, Dascha.

 And she smiles at me with the same enchanting eyes.
 She doesn't know what I'm thinking. He doesn't understand that I'm in the Count's house, listening and piecing together information.
 ---I'm going to get out of this position no matter what people say or how they look at me.

 ---The cat listens.
 The trapped feline beastman deceives all in order to achieve his goal. (The captive feline beastman deceives everything to achieve his goal, including his slaves and the noble girl who likes him. And he's listening and gathering information. All in order to escape his position as a slave.