100 With the girl, prayer

 I'm all alone in the building praying to God. Since the building was built, it has become my daily routine to pray.

 Even if I am not a god child, or even if I am, I don't think it is wrong to pray. I pray at the end of the day with the feeling of "Thank you for letting me live in peace today. Thank you, God who may be giving me blessings. She also made a small altar for me, so I pray there.

 The little gryphons are kind of praying with me. It's like they're imitating me.

 I'm also praying at the other two buildings. I go to the one where I pray to the spirits and the one where I pray to the gryphons. I pray less often than I pray to the gods, though.

 The building for praying to the spirits is built on top of a series of trees, just like the ones in the old elven village. I was allowed to enter the building, and I was impressed by the elves' ability to draw pictures of spirits on the walls. I wondered if I could draw like them, but I couldn't do it that well.
 I'm impressed by people who are good at drawing. When I told him how great he was, he drew a picture of me, and when I bragged about it, he said he wanted other people to draw pictures too, and I felt a little bad that he had to write so many pictures. She said she was happy that people wanted her drawings.

 In the room where we pray to the gryphons, there are large figurines of gryphons. These are handmade by the beastmen. By the way, these are the ornaments of all the gryphons I have contracted with. That's why Raymer's ornament is all gilded. Raymer and the other adult gryphons were a little shy. But the little gryphons were excited.

 At the place for praying to the spirits, we prayed for them to get well soon and to be friends with each other.
 At the prayer place for the gryphons, I prayed for their continued support and thanked them for making a contract with me.

 There are three places to pray, but there is no specific name for each. The elves call it "the place to pray to the spirits", the beastmen call it "the place to pray to the gryphons", and I call it "the place to pray to the gods". I thought it would be better to make a more proper name for it.

 I spend my time helping others, just as I did when I was in the beastman village. I don't have a specific job at the moment. But I guess you could say that putting magic into the spirit tree is one job, but other than that, I don't have a specific job.

 Gaius is not much older than I am, but he contributes a lot to the hunt. I sometimes go hunting with him. But I can't contribute properly yet, partly because I can't use magic very well. In the herb garden, I help Zesihi and the elves who were in charge of the herb garden in the elven village. I also help them make clothes. But I can't do it as well as everyone else. I don't know if I can say that this is my job, and that bothers me a little.

 Mr. Lan is trying his best to discuss with Dong and the others what rules are needed in this village, and he is trying to write about it and record various things. So, Mr. Lan has been trying hard to make a paper in this village. Until now, he has been writing down what he needs to know on papers he brought with him from where he was. He still has a lot of paper, but if he's going to stay here forever, he wants paper. He's doing a great job.

 I wonder what I can do to help ....... What should I do most? The village is just about ready, so there will be more buildings and stuff, but everyone is starting anew and I can't think of anything I can do for the village right now.
 My ultimate goal is to create a place where we can feel comfortable. To gain strength so that we don't have to run away. That's why I've been practicing my wind magic. But I feel a little frustrated and impatient.

 Right now, I'm living a very peaceful, gentle life.
 But in the beastman village, the days that I wanted to last forever suddenly ended.
 But in the village of the elves, the threat of demons lies behind the calm days.

 ---But in the village of the elves, there was a threat of demons behind the calm days, and I don't think the reality is that sweet.

 That's why I became impatient, and the reason I started praying to God every day was to calm down my impatience, which is a bit selfish. Every day, I report to God about today's events and thank him for letting me have a good time today. Then I feel a little calmer. I talk to God a lot, pray a lot, and get fired up to do my best again.

 That's my daily life these days.

 ---A girl and her prayers
 The girl, who is probably a child of God, prays to God. Every day she tells what happened today and says thank you. It's a way to calm down.