102 Magic Practice with a Girl 2

 Knead the magic.
 Visualize the shape of the spell.
 Release the power and form it into magic.
 And I repeat it.

 When I release the magic, I feel a sense of something being drained from my body and a feeling of fatigue. Fresne told me that magic power increases, though it varies from person to person. There are many humans who don't have magic, and I have a lot of magic.

 We took a break along the way.

 I leaned against Lilja and looked up at the sky. It feels good to sit on the ground and breathe in the air. I can smell the earth. I love the moments when I can relax with my favorite people like this.
 I want to be stronger in order to protect these moments that I cherish and want to spend forever.

 Because I love my life now.
 Because the present is important.

 I'm glad to be able to live in this everyday life because I love it from the bottom of my heart.
 I've never felt this kind of emotion in the village where I grew up. I didn't know that there was such a happy and joyful everyday life. That's why when you get to know the everyday life, you realize how important it is. If I had been given everything, I might not have even realized the importance of everyday life.

Feels good: ......

 Lilja agrees with my words.
 I want to protect everyone. I want to protect everyone. I want to make a place where we can never lose. I want to keep engraving this everyday life that I love.
 That feeling is so strong that no matter how many mistakes I make, I'm going to do my best.

"I love Lilja, Kamiha, and Freneh .......
I love Lerunda, too.

 "I love Lelanda too." All three of them replied to my love.
 I laughed at those words and got up to practice my magic again.

 Over, and over, and over again.

 With repetition, I made some progress.

I floated to .......

 My body is slightly off the ground. My body is slightly off the ground. I can float a little bit because I want to fly with everyone. But it's not like I'm flying. I'm just floating. But I guess that's a little progress.

You did it, Lern Da.
I'm going to keep going. I'm going to keep going.

 As I listened to Fresne's words, I tried to make myself float more. I wanted to go higher.

What if I fall?
"Guru! (We'll catch it!)

 (We'll catch it!)" Kamiha panicked at my words, "What if you fall? (What if I fall?) Lilja said something very reassuring.
 If I make a mistake and fall, it's okay because everyone is here. That's why I didn't feel anxious.

 The magic power that kept my body afloat. I focused my attention on trying to control it better. Up, up. I imagine myself rising. I'm kind of happy that I'm able to float above the sky by my own power, not by someone else's power.
 It makes me happy to think that what I can do is increasing little by little.


 I climbed up to the top and looked down. The trees are spreading out. If I look towards the village where I live, I can see the village that we are building with our own hands. The view from above is the same village we always see, but it looks different. The small spirit trees are still glowing lightly and are very fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing it from the sky when it gets bigger.

 I wondered if I could move in the sky, but I couldn't do that yet. It would be a great feeling to be able to move more freely in the sky. I want to be like that.


 I looked down at the forest from the sky. I looked down at the forest from the sky, and saw a group of people at a distance.
 ---But they don't look like people from our village. When I felt that, I got scared. I wondered if these people were a threat to us again. I was so happy to finally be living in a new place.


"Are you being attacked?

 The group was being attacked by what looked like a demon, or perhaps a beast. And they seemed to be running for their lives.

 Maybe those people are the ones who will hurt my family and my dear friends. But even if that's the case...
"Lilja, Kamiha, Frene, let's help.

 I can't leave him.

 Dying means we won't be able to see him anymore like we lost Athos. You can't laugh or get angry or do anything anymore. There will be no future. It's very sad.
 That's why I couldn't leave them alone, even if there was a chance they might hurt us. I wanted to save the lives I could.

 ---The Girl and the Magic Practice 2
 (A girl who is probably a Shinigami sees a shadow while practicing magic. She wanted to help him, even if he was an enemy.