103 The end of my sister's daily life.

Hey, I told you I wanted yellow!
Give me more candy!

 I'm screaming.

 I'm Alice. I'm Alice. I'm the beloved of the gods known as the Divine Child ....... When I was first taken in to this place called the Great Temple, I never doubted that I was a god child.
 No, I still think I'm special. Because all my life I've been told I'm special. Even when I was brought here as a child, my mother and father acted like I deserved it and I was confident that I was a child.

 But lately the priests around me have been behaving strangely, as if they were supposed to listen to me. They may think they are telling me not to listen to them, but I was listening to them.

 I've been listening to the words of those priests who said I might not be a divine child.

 No matter how many times I said, "God will punish me! but there was no actual divine punishment.
 The words that even though I am protected by the Kingdom of Fairytorff, the country is not getting richer, and in fact, is getting worse.

 I was special, I was beautiful, and everyone agreed with me. But I was shocked when I heard those people who affirmed me say such things.

 Everyone in the village said that I was special, that I was beautiful, and that it was natural for everyone to agree with me and listen to what I had to say. Even after I came here, everyone said it was natural.
 ---And yet, people who should have listened to me and who should have loved me are now saying bad things about me. The people who have been saying bad things about me have been saying bad things about me from the beginning. I've never had people who had good things to say about me say bad things about me.
 I was shocked that it was happening. I'm special, so it's only natural that people love me; I'm special, so there are sometimes people who envy me and say bad things about me, but it's only natural that I'm right; I'm special, so whatever I say should be done. That's what my mom and dad said. That's what my mom and dad always said. But lately, I've been getting worried that the fact that I've been feeling and thinking that I'm special is actually not true.

 But I am special.
 I'm very beautiful.

 Yes, that's why people will listen to me no matter what I ask of them. It's a relief to know that I'm special, that I'm right.

 I can't currently use my powers as a divine child, as the priests around me sometimes say. Maybe I'm not that kind of person. But even if I am, I am special. Because I am special, because I am different, I am right.

 With a vague feeling of uneasiness, I told myself that I would say what I wanted, and be relieved to have it fulfilled.

 I thought that I would be living like this for the rest of my life in the big temple, but one day my life changed drastically.

 One day, there was a lot of noise in the Great Temple where I lived. But I didn't think it mattered to me how noisy the people around me were. No matter how much everything around me changed, my daily life would not change at all, I thought.

 Because even in the village where I was born and raised, everyone listened to me and told me I was special.
 Even after I was taken in by the High Priestess, everyone listened to me and told me I was special.
 So, even if the place changes, I am still special and my life will never change.

 ---- That was supposed to be the norm. It was supposed to be natural. But...

"False godson, Alice. You're imprisoned!

 I've met him a few times before, the royal family of this country? He has a pretty face but I have a better one. I didn't pay much attention to him and I don't even remember his name, but he told me that and I was captured by knights in armor.

 I didn't know why I had to go through that.

 You think you can do that to me? What are you doing? That's what I yelled. I'd never been in danger like this before. I didn't understand. I knew if I spoke up, people would listen to me. Because that's what they said they were supposed to do. That I should get what I wanted. That I was special.

 And yet they wouldn't let me go even though I was being held down and in pain.
 I'm begging him to let me go, but he's just looking at me coldly.

 Why? Why... I look at the priests. But they're looking at me coldly. Why... Why... As I try to scream for help, I realize I don't even know the names of the girls I've been with.

 Shocked that they wouldn't help me, I was carried away and thrown into a cold room.
 I'm supposed to be special, I'm supposed to be allowed to do whatever I want--why am I being put in here if I don't want to be?

 He said he was a false godson. But they said I was a godson and they took me in. So I thought I was a godling too. And now I'm being called a false godson because I'm not, even though it was this country that took the liberty of calling me a godson.
 Even if I wasn't a godson in the first place, I'm still special, I'm still loved, and I shouldn't have to go through this.

 As I sat there on the cold earthen floor, a horrible thought came to my mind.
 ---Maybe I'm not special, maybe it's wrong to take it for granted that everyone will listen to me.
 There was a possibility that what I had taken for granted might not be true.
 But it can't be. I'm special. That's why I'm on ......, and that's why I'll be out of this mess soon. Because I'm special.

 That's what I was telling myself as I sat there, trapped.

 ---- The End of a Sister's Daily Life.
 (Maybe the daily life of the sister of the girl who is a godson ends. What does the sister who has been affirmed continuously think?