104 chaos in the country.

 The Kingdom of Fairytlov.

 A kingdom with a long history is now in turmoil.
 The king has fallen.
 Without warning, he collapsed. ---And with it, a quarrel over the succession to the throne.

 There are three princes and five princesses in the kingdom of Fairytlov. The four princesses above Ninaef Fairlie, the fifth princess, have already married.
 The first prince, the son of the queen, is the crown prince, the second prince is the second in line of succession in case something happens, the third prince is the third in line of succession, and Ninaev Fairly, who has not yet married, is barely in line of succession. Now, the Dauphin and the Second Prince have the same mother. The third prince has a high-ranking noble mother. And the princess who married into the country is married to a powerful nobleman.

 The king, who has the power to decide, is dead.

 The royal people were anxious about what awaited them.
 The third prince accused the godson he was protecting of being a fake. The king, his father, had died because he was protecting a fake child.
 He said that the reason why so many bad things were happening to the kingdom was because the divine child was a fake.

 Yes, the third prince accused.

 The third prince accused the king of cozying up to the temple and creating the divine child in order to have the divine child exist in this country even though he knew it was a fake. He protected them as divine children even though they were not divine children. He falsely announced to the people that he was the Son of God.

 ---A child of God.
 A child loved by God.
 The child God is watching over.
 That's what a child of God is. You deceived a child of God.

 Her parents made her a godchild for the sake of luxury. That the girl is not the divine child, and that her mother, who is the divine child's mother, has fallen ill.

 That is nothing but the wrath of the gods, said the third prince.

 The third prince said in a high-pitched voice that he had captured the beautiful girl who was considered a "divine child" by winning over the lowly priests in the Great Temple who were suspicious that the girl who had been taken in as a divine child was not a divine child.
 The Queen, her son, the Dauphin, and the Second Prince of the Kingdom of Fairytlov knew of the King's intentions, but for their own personal gain, they kept quiet about it.

 The king died because of the deception of the Son of God.

 The king died because of the deception of the Son of God, and the gods were angry with him for having a false son. The result is the current state of the country. So says the third prince.

 And he says.
 ---I'm not happy with the situation and I'm standing up. My brothers, who have incurred the wrath of the gods, have no right to be king. I will be king of this land.
 This is how I moved to condemn the false godson. That's why I haven't incurred the god's wrath. That's why you'll be king.

 The Dauphin and the Second Prince, the Queen, the nobles of the country, and the members of the Grand Temple were repulsed by his words.
 The crown prince and the second prince did not know that their father, the king, had done such a thing. If the king's death was indeed a divine punishment, and the Dauphin, the Second Prince and the Queen knew about it, then there must be a divine punishment as well. That's a lie, I tell the Third Prince.

 The Daishinden people were furious, saying, "How dare you say such a thing without permission? They want their godson back and are ready to fight the third prince. ---The upper echelons of the Great Temple are strangely silent. The devout believers are convinced that those in the upper echelons of the Great Temple, who are close to God, have something deep in mind.

 Now, while the royals are screaming that they should be the kings, the great nobles who are marrying off the princesses are also screaming that they should be the ones to inherit the throne.
 The first prince, the second prince, and the queen are the factions with the highest right to the throne. Within the faction, however, there are two factions, the First Prince faction and the Second Prince faction.

 The Third Prince, who claims that the Dauphin and the Dauphine have made up a fake son of a god, and asserts the legitimacy of his own throne.
 The great nobles, to whom the princess has surrendered, have begun to act as if they are the ones who will receive the throne.
 And in the temple, all hell is breaking loose as the godson has been captured.
 The country is in turmoil.

 Why did the king die, is the divine child really a fake, and what will become of the country? The people of the kingdom were in a state of anxiety.

 However, the people were willing to believe that the instability in the country was caused by the fact that the Son of God was a fake. Therefore, there were many people who supported the Third Prince. They are also calling for the execution of the girl who was taken in as a divine child and who falsely claimed to be a divine child. When the girl appeared in the country, the royal people were enthusiastic that she was a beautiful girl who deserved to be called a divine child, and there was no doubt that the country would be on a happy path. They accepted her existence. I accepted her existence and worshipped her.

 ---The girl may not be the divine child.

 If you say so, she's guilty, she's the one who brought God's wrath down on this country. If only it weren't for that girl who cheated on her godson. ---He was trying to put it all on one girl.

 Now, in the midst of all this, the fifth princess, Ninaef Fairlie, began to make moves that she would not regret.

 ---The chaos of the country.
 (The country is in turmoil. (The country is in turmoil.) Each one of them is trying to get their hands on the precious position of the throne. They want the throne more than anything else. And the people are talking about the idea of getting rid of the girl they once enthusiastically accepted. (In the midst of all this, the fifth princess makes her move.