105 Princess and prepared

 Your father is dead.
 And the country is on the verge of civil war. There's no direct conflict yet, but it's only a matter of time before there is. --And Alice, who was protected by the High Priestess as a divine child, is said to be imprisoned.

 I couldn't have gathered that story on my own. I was almost confused by all the information that the Venetians had brought to me.

 The third prince, one of my brothers, said that your father died because he imprisoned Alice and set up a fake godson. ---According to the Venetian Chamber of Commerce, it was probably the Third Prince who killed your father. There is no guarantee that the son of God is a fake, but he is probably trying to become king by saying that he is.

 ---And the Dauphin and the Second Prince are denying it. That would be true. Perhaps you have not considered the possibility that Alice is a fake. Would it have made any difference if I had told them that Alice might be a fake? Would your father have been killed? --I can't stop thinking like that. I can't stop thinking about things that I have no business thinking about.

 I can't think straight, and there in front of me is someone from the Venetian Chamber of Commerce.

"Your Highness. What can I do for you?
"What do you mean?
"Your Highness has several options. One is to belong to one of the factions currently fighting for the throne. In this case, if that faction loses the battle for the throne, you will most likely be executed.

 The man was nonchalant. I just listened to his words, unable to think straight now that my father was dead.

"One way is to escape. In other words, exile. If you stay in this country, you will be involved in the conflict anyway. If you wish to seek asylum and live a quiet life as a commoner, we can provide a bridge.

 There is another way to defect and live as a commoner, the man said.

There is also the option of defecting and living as a commoner. In that case, you may become the puppet of that other country.

 You could defect and become a puppet.

Lastly... your path to the throne.

 It was a path I hadn't even considered. A way for me to speak out for my own succession to the throne while the country was in turmoil.

"Perhaps the best way to fulfill Your Highness' wishes is to become king.

 Becoming a king.
 I'm a princess with a low claim to the throne.

"Of course, I don't know if you'll be able to become king if you try. But if you don't have the power, you won't be able to do what you want for this country or save that girl who is considered a godsend and is about to be executed.

 The voice echoed.
 I'm just listening to the words.

Those who are fighting for the throne are just power-hungry. But you, Your Highness, are the kind of princess who has never thought of becoming a king. You want to act for the people when the country is in trouble, and it is wrong to put the responsibility on a young girl. It is precisely because you are such a princess that we have high expectations for you.

 I haven't had much conversation with your brothers. Because I'm the daughter of a side queen, and my right to the throne is low, and my older brothers are all mothers with high positions.
 ---But I know more than a little about how my brothers lived their lives.

 From what I've heard from the Venetian Chamber of Commerce about your brothers and the nobles, it seems that they put the succession to the throne first and foremost, and don't keep anything else in mind.

 Perhaps, he doesn't care whether the existence of the divine child is real or fake. Your father was afraid of the existence of the Divine Child. He was very careful not to offend the divine child. However, it seems that your brothers are not so afraid of the existence of the divine child. In fact, if they were afraid of the existence of the divine child, they would not be able to imprison an existence that is considered to be a divine child, even if it might be a fake.

 In the first place, if the one who really killed your father was your brother, the third prince, then killing him himself and then giving the reason of "setting up a fake divine son" is an act that could bring the wrath of the divine son and the gods.

 ---Although my country may have already incurred the wrath of the gods...


 How should I move? What is the right way for me to live? I don't know. But I told Hiccup. There's nothing we can do if we don't move. No one knows what will happen if we don't move. It's much better to move of one's own accord and get into trouble than to be carried away and get into trouble.
 When I said that, I knew I shouldn't be so worried that I wouldn't make a move.

 So I made up my mind.

 ---- The princess and determination
 (The princess heard the information from the Chamber of Commerce. (The princess heard information from the Chamber of Commerce and was forced to make a choice. And the princess was ready.