106 girl and help.

 I know the world isn't full of good people. If they were good, Athos wouldn't have died. We wouldn't have been forced to leave our home. ---It's a sad fact. That's why I know that not all people are good. But I still can't leave people alone if they're being attacked. The people being attacked were wearing strange clothes that I had never seen before. They had scars on their faces, which surprised me when I approached them.

 But instead of being surprised, I had to deal with the boar-like monsters that were about to attack me. They were stunned by our sudden appearance from the sky. I came here to protect the people who are being attacked by the demons, but the people who are being attacked may be more afraid of us than we are of them. From my point of view, the gryphons are my family, but from the other people's point of view, they are nothing but horrible monsters.
 That thought made me feel a little sad. But that's just the way it is.

 As I was thinking that I should do something about the boar demon, Kamiha was rushing at it. I'm on top of Kamiha. I'm on top of Kamiha, looking at the people who are sitting on the ground, but I'm not taking my mind off the monster. If I'm not careful, I might get into trouble. Thinking about it, you can't let your guard down until the demon is no longer a real threat.

 Fresne was choking the fallen boar monster with wind magic.
 Let's take this boar back to the village.

 I look at the people who are sitting on the ground. There were about five of them. I wondered if the dirt on their clothes had come off while they were running from the demon. I realize that I'm still on Karha's back, so I'm looking down on her, and I get off her.

 I stare at them.
 I thought they had scars on their faces, but it was something else. Are they drawing on their faces? Or tattoos? I'm not sure, but it's weird.

"Hey ......

 I approached them. They don't react to me. They look at me like I'm afraid. I think people are afraid of things they don't understand. I think they're afraid of me because they don't know me well.
 So I laughed.

"I, Lern Da. And you are?
"Well, we're...
Wait, this girl's weird! She's got a demon with her! She might be from the Kingdom of Migga!

 One of the men shouted.

 She's got a demon with her and I'm suspicious. But then again, the beastmen accepted the gryphons immediately because they were gods, but the elves were wary of them too.
 Maybe it's no wonder they're wary of me.

 But still, the Kingdom of Migga? I wonder if these people are also related to the Kingdom of Migga.
 The Kingdom of Migga was a neighboring country to the one I was living in. The neighboring kingdom of Migga raided and enslaved a village of beastmen because the Kingdom of Faeriatlov had acquired the existence of a godson. I know that. So the people of Nilsi's village became slaves and Athos died.

 And we ran away.

 We had nothing to do with the kingdom of Migga after we fled. I had nothing to do with the Kingdom of Fairytlov, the country where I lived. I knew they might come after us, but I never thought I would hear the name of the Kingdom of Migga in this way.
 ---I wonder why these people are deep in the forest, far away from the Kingdom of Migga.

"I ...... live in a village near here. I live in a village near here.
"A village near here? A village near here? - Deep in the forest, in what the kingdom considers uncharted territory. ......?

 I'm not from the kingdom of Migga. I'm a resident of the village where I live with the others. Come to think of it, I think we should come up with a name for the village. It's hard to explain at a time like this. I wonder what I should say to these surprised people to get them to let their guard down.
 Thinking about this, I said a few words.

"We ran away and came to the back.

 I don't know how to explain it. I don't know how to explain it, but I wanted to tell them that we are not enemies.

"And we're building a village near here. Not like the kingdom of Migga. We're here because of them. It's because of Migga. Maybe it's the same with you.

 I tell them that we're not like the kingdom of Migga, that we're here because of the kingdom of Migga, and that we're probably in the same boat.
 Then those five or so people start sneaking around and talking.

 I couldn't really hear what they were saying in their small voices. I just sat there and waited for them to finish their conversation, hoping that they would feel at ease.
 After a while, the old man, who had been the most cautious about me earlier, opened his mouth.

"...... We are exhausted from our long journey. If there really is a village, can we please rest?

 I nodded my head in agreement.

 ---- girl and help.
 (Maybe the girl who is a godson helps people who are being attacked. And there was a new encounter. Who knows what it will lead to?