107 Girl is scolded.

 I was going to take the people I saved to the village. But we haven't made it to the village yet. I was on my way to the village when I ran into Gaius, Oshasio and the others who were returning to the village from hunting.
 They looked at me with difficulty, and asked me to stay where I was.

Lerunda, if you want to bring someone, you have to consult with us first.

 That was the first thing Mr. O'Shazio said to me. I am now with Mr. O'Shazio at a little distance from the people I just helped.

...... Lerunda, do you understand that it is dangerous to bring a being who does not know what he is thinking into a village that has just been built?
...... But I was in trouble.
It's good of Lelunda to want to help people in trouble. We like that kindness in Lerunda. But there are times when being kind is not enough.
"...... Yes.
There are not only good beings in the world. If there were only that kind of existence, Athos wouldn't have died, we wouldn't have been forced to leave our village, and Sireva and the others wouldn't have been sacrificed to demons. ---This world is not that sweet.

 The world is not full of only good beings. That's why Mr. Athos died. I thought I understood that this world is not full of kind people. But it is.

It's a good feeling that Lelunda wants to help. It's good that Lelanda wants to help, but she could get in trouble for bringing him to the village. ---Lelunda, I don't mean to be harsh, but let me be clear.
"Yes, please.

 Mr. O'Shazio is not angry with me. He's scolding me for my own good. I'm not afraid because I know that. I'm going to listen to him. I'm going to listen to him and try not to do what he scolds me for. I make eye contact with Mr. Oshacio. I'll look him straight in the eye and wait for him to say something.

Lelunda is sweet. Lerunda is a special person who might be a godson. Maybe that's why I've been able to live without thinking about it. But if Lelunda really wants to fulfill her dream of creating a place where we can feel safe... she can't just go on living. If you're just going through the motions, you might not have to think that hard. But if you want to make that dream come true with your own hands, you can't be so naive.

 I'm naive, says Mr. Ocasio.

"I don't mean to deny that you want to help. That feeling is good. But I wish Lernda would think more about the consequences of helping. If those people are bad, the village you just built could fall apart.
Yeah. We don't know what they think of us, or what they are thinking when they say they want to come to the village. I don't even know if what they're saying is really true. There is a possibility that they are trying to trick Lelanda into joining the village, right? Not everything a person says is true. You don't know how much they're really hiding behind it. It is possible that they are thinking about killing us or stealing our resources, right?
"...... Yeah.

 I helped a man who was being attacked. I helped a man who was being attacked and tried to bring him into the village because he was in trouble. I wanted to help. But there was a chance that I would lose what I really cared about.
 I hadn't thought that far ahead. I wasn't thinking that far ahead. ---I'd be scared if I let them in and they all died. I'd be sad to think that I'd be all alone.

If we're going to achieve our goals, it's not going to be possible to save everyone.
"...... Yes.

 It's impossible to save everything," says Mr. O'Shazio.

You have to make the choice to cut someone out and save someone else. There will be many times when you will have to make that choice. Even in this case, if you think about the village, you have to make the choice not to take those people to the village, to cut them off.
Yeah, .......
"It's true that we can't know until we try, and something good may happen in the village as a result of accepting those people. But... you have to consider all possibilities before you do that.

 We won't know until we try. But before we do that, we have to consider the possibility of what might happen. It's a difficult thing to say. But it's something we have to think about for the future.

But that doesn't mean we just let them go. We'll decide what to do with them after a proper discussion in the village.
"So, Lern Da, if you find such people, please talk to us first and then decide. Please.
Yeah. ...... I'm sorry I didn't think of that.
I hope you understand. Let's go over there.


 I nodded at Mr. O'Shazio's words and headed back towards the people who had been running away.

 ---- The girl is scolded.
 I'm not sure what to make of it. And grow up little by little.