108 treatment, with the girl.

 We still haven't decided what to do with those people. I was told after I returned with Mr. O'Shacio to where everyone was that they were in the process of talking to the village.

 The people I've helped look deflated. They're asking a lot of questions. They said that they had been forced to flee their homes by the Kingdom of Migga and had fled to the forest as a result. Then, when they were with their friends, they were attacked by a demon and ran away in pieces.

 Mr. Oshacio explained to me that the Kingdom of Migga enslaved not only beastmen and other races, but also humans. So these people were probably people who had been forced to leave their homes because of that.
 But how could they enslave someone like that?
 I feel like I want to help these people if they are going through such a hard time. But I understand from the scolding that I shouldn't talk so easily about it, and I shouldn't bring them into the village so easily.

Just as there are good guys and bad guys among humans, there may be good guys and bad guys among us beastmen and the people who were chased here. We may be okay as long as there are few people. But the more people there are, the more people there might be who might be such bad guys.

 He must have sensed that I wanted to help. Mr. Ocasio said this in a voice that only I could hear.

We are still going around because we are so few. If ...... our village was a little more organized, we might be able to bring in other people. But still, no.
Yeah, .......
There might be some bad people among us.
Bad. ......?
Yeah. It's quite possible for a good guy to be influenced by something and become a bad guy. Good people don't stay good. --I could be influenced in some way to be on the bad side.
...... I can't imagine.
Maybe so. I can't imagine. - Maybe. - But Lelanda should keep that possibility in mind.

 Right in front of me, the people I've helped are looking at me. They're looking at me like they're hanging on to me. They are asking me to help them with their choice to not enter the village. When they look at me like that, I feel shaky. But I have to think of the good of the village.

 I shook my head at that look.

 We had a discussion, and Dong and the others who were still in the village agreed that we should not bring these people into the village.

 However, they were not so strict that they would throw the exhausted people into the forest. They chose not to bring them into the village, but to create a place for them to rest ----, or at least to guarantee their safety.

 We are not trying to help them all, take care of them all, or make them feel good, but we are trying to help them in some small way by reducing the risk while properly considering the village. It may not be as immediate as helping all, but I realized that it may bring better results later.

 Then, Mr. Oshacio and his team built a kind of tent for the people to rest in. They said they would build them far away from the village, and some of them would guard them so that they wouldn't be attacked while they were resting. What to do with them after that was yet to be decided, but at least they could rest. We talked about what to do after that.

 When we returned to the village, we realized that if their friends were scattered throughout the forest, they might be nearby. That's why we have to be careful, they said.
 If their friends are around, we don't know how they will affect this peaceful village. We can't attract people to this place, which is still in its infancy as a village. We don't know how it will turn out, we don't know what they're thinking.

 They were very strange people, by the way. They were dressed in a way I've never seen before. The only humans I knew properly were the people of the village I grew up in and Ran. The humans who attacked Gaius from a distance were different from those people. I was surprised that there were so many different people among the same people.

 I realized that I really don't know a lot of things yet.
 I also realized that I need to think and act more. For the sake of the people I love, the people who are kind to me, I have to think properly.

 --First, if they have friends, have them join us. And get them to where they're going. There is a possibility that they might want to stay in the village, but Dong-gu said it would be better to refuse them.

 ---The girl and her treatment.
 (Maybe the girl who is a godchild will learn. The girl's rescues are not allowed in the village.