109 Girl and Ethnic 1

 The day I met those people, I prayed as usual in my village and slept in my house. I was curious about those strange people, but I couldn't think about it for a while, so I went to sleep.

 When dawn came, the situation had changed again.

 When I woke up, Dong-gu and the others were having a difficult discussion. When I approached them, they told me what was going on.

 Last night, I was watching over those exhausted people to make sure they would not be attacked. Then they told me they were attacked. When I heard that they were attacked, my mind went blank. My thoughts about who attacked me and for what purpose must have been conveyed to Mr. Dong without my saying so. Mr. Dong's expression turned grim.

The people I saved were mistaken and attacked me.
"Misunderstanding? We were watching over those humans so they wouldn't attack us. But their friends didn't understand that. They said it was the beastmen surrounding them and that's why they attacked.
"What happened to them?

 I was worried. Being attacked is a dangerous thing. If they attacked me, did someone get hurt? That thought scared me.
 I'm afraid someone's gonna get hurt. --I'm afraid someone's gonna leave.

"We got the attackers here. And I told them what happened. No one's hurt, so don't look so worried.
"...... I see. Then why the look?

Yeah, they seem to be a lot of people. They're here because they were forced to leave their homes, just like us. Part of me wants to help them if I can. But this village doesn't have the capacity to accept them. We can't accept them in that condition. The village could collapse.

 Listen to Mr. Dong.
 Mr. Dong has been working hard to lead us since Mr. Athos died. Mr. DONG is a kind man. I know that. Because he's kind, I'm sure he wants to help us if he can.

"We were able to accept Lelanda and Ran because Lelanda had the gryphons with her and Ran was alone. And that's why we were able to accept them. That's why. But this is a freshly built village that could be ruined at any moment.
Yeah. ......
I don't even know what those people are thinking. I don't even know what those people are thinking. It's unacceptable for the village under those circumstances. But we can't just keep pushing them. They might try to take the village away from us. --If they just leave, that's fine, but if they stay here at ......, there's a good chance it won't end peacefully.

 There's a good chance it won't end peacefully.
 They might take our peaceful village away from us. If they leave this place, but if they stay here, there might be a problem.

 It was I, of all people, who directly brought Dong-gu's troubles to this village.

 Maybe I should have just helped him. Or should I not have helped her because she was being attacked? I don't know what's the right thing to do. No, maybe there is no right choice. In the end, I think it is impossible to decide what is right and what is wrong. It depends on each person which is right or wrong.

 I wonder how I should act in this situation. I saved those people and told them about the existence of the village. I've already done that. I can't do anything about what I've done. Then what can I do about it?

"Mr. Dong ......, what do you mean by 'not peacefully'?
I may have to fight. You may have to fight. If you fight and at least have a conflict, you may have to make sure those people don't come at you again. If we do it half-heartedly, if a conflict occurs, it may continue endlessly. As a result, someone may die on our side. --Such a possibility is quite possible. I've asked the attackers to explain the situation, but I don't know what will happen.

 I think I'd be scared if a fight broke out. You don't want everyone to get hurt. No, I don't want anyone to get hurt, not even everyone. Maybe I'm naive.

 Maybe I'm a godson. That is why I have lived my life without seeing many situations where people get hurt. That's what Mr. Oshacio said. But in order for me to create a place where everyone can feel safe, I can't just be naive like that. ---Cutting off someone, hurting someone, it's a normal thing in the world.

 Us and them.

 I have to keep thinking about how best to do this.

 To protect me and my loved ones.
 Just as I was thinking this, Raymer reported to me that those people were acting suspiciously.

 The ---- girl and the tribe 1
 (The girl, who is probably a godchild, learns about the attack and thinks deeply about it. The griffon then reports back to the girl.