110 prince and the warrant

 Nina's father, the king of the kingdom of Fairytlov, has died. And the neighboring kingdom of Fairytlov is on the verge of collapse. My father, the king of the Kingdom of Migga, wouldn't be so naive as to leave the Kingdom of Fairytlov in such a situation. However, the Kingdom of Migga also has its own problems.

 The Kingdom of Migga had attacked and enslaved many beings, including those of different races and those who did not follow the Kingdom of Migga, in order to increase its human resources because of the appearance of the Divine Son in the Kingdom of Fairytlov. --The bill for these actions is now being paid. The number of slaves has been increasing rapidly. The Kingdom of Migga couldn't manage it all.

 I thought my father was absolute. That's why I thought my father was the one I couldn't go against. ---I understood that when Nina reprimanded me. But when I encounter a situation like this, where the country is being ruined, I feel complicated.
 ---And I have a warrant from my father.

 And I have a warrant from my father, telling me to kill the enslaved people who are making a fuss. Get rid of them," he said as if they were objects, and I was thinking.

 What do I want to do?

 To be honest, I didn't even like the idea of being reduced to slavery. It was an act I was carrying out because I couldn't disobey orders or some such excuse. And when the chaos in the country calms down, your father will set his sights on the Kingdom of Fairytlov.

 The third prince of the kingdom of Fairytlov is using the fact that the divine child he was protecting was a fake and the king died as a result as his justification. That makes him fit to be the king. That's the same reasoning other countries use.
 When the country is settled, he will invade the kingdom of Faerytorov, saying that he will defeat in the name of God the nations that worship false gods and sons. The existence of divine children is being used for politics. Probably there is no problem because the gods of the Kingdom of Fairytlov are fake. That's assuming that the girl I met who might be a divine child is a divine child.
 I don't think I want to attack the country where ...... Nina is. I don't even know what Nina would be like if she were in the position of being a princess of a defeated country. ---If that happens, it might be better to have a civil war going on in this country.

 Father or Nina.
 That's the choice we're being asked to make.

 The old me would have taken my father without hesitation. He was all I had and I wouldn't have thought of disobeying him. But then I met Nina. The words Nina said to me came to mind. When I calmly thought about which path I wouldn't regret, I knew I wanted to walk with Nina.

 To do so, what should I do?

 Nina is the fifth princess, the rightful heir to the throne, and is probably in a difficult situation in a neighboring country. I don't believe that Nina will remain quiet. Nina will make a move in this situation. There's no way Nina won't move. She'll desperately search for a path she won't regret and choose it. ---Then so will I. I'll desperately choose a path I won't regret.

 It's difficult to get in touch with Nina. I don't know how she'll act. But I'll think about it in my own way, and do what I can to help her. I've made up my mind and decided to meet the slaves who are rebelling against their country first.

 ---I'm the one who was trying to reduce them to slaves. That's why I might be the one they should hate. But I knew the first thing I had to do was get them on my side. Without my father finding out. My heart has been aching to lose them to slavery. But I've been too pessimistic, too determined to disobey my father to take action. But isn't now the time to take action? Shouldn't I just follow my heart?

 I've always believed your father was right. But he failed in his attempt to increase the number of slaves, and now the country is in turmoil. The kingdom of Migga was divided into slaves and citizens, partly because of my father's policy. Can't we do something about that? It may be difficult, but it is precisely because of this situation that I follow my heart.
 I've been following my father's orders, doing what my heart refuses to do. That sin will not go away, and I will accept what I have done. I used to think that if the girl who might be the Divine Child was really the Divine Child, she would kill me someday. It was just a thought to make me feel better.

 But I'm not thinking like that anymore.

 I do what I do, what my heart tells me to do. So that I don't regret it. Because I don't know what the world will be like if I don't.

"I'm going to...

 I didn't trust the people I worked for. I didn't trust my subordinates, but the ones who had been following me for so long were genuinely worried about me.
 So, after being reprimanded by Nina, I took a second look at my surroundings and told those I thought I could trust my intentions.

 ---- prince, and the warrant.
 The seventh prince makes up his own mind. (The seventh prince decides of his own free will to do as he pleases, as his heart desires. (The 7th prince decides to follow his heart and do what he wants.