111 princess and choose

 ---Maybe the best way to be king is to be first.

 I don't know why it was released. I don't know, but I said no to that question. As a matter of fact, I'm the fifth princess and I haven't studied or learned anything to become a king. I have only been educated on the assumption that I will eventually marry. Even if I could become a king, it would be difficult to become one after that.

 My brother, the Dauphin, who has been building up his strength with the plan to become a king, has many people who support him. If I become king, it will mean that I will be torn apart by those people.
 The current problem in the country is that the third prince has denounced the crown prince and the second prince, and the royal family has been accused of having raised a fake godson. And the biggest problem is that the people support it. Then you can overturn that premise.

 The royal family didn't know Alice wasn't a godson. I suspected that maybe she wasn't, but I wasn't sure. Only the oracle priests would know correctly who was and who was not a divine child. --If so, the only one who knew correctly whether the girl was a child or not was the High Priestess.

I'm going to visit Brother Jurado now. I need you to follow me. Can you do that for me?

 I decided to go to Julard Fairey, the official crown prince of the Kingdom of Fairytlov. And when I asked the Venetians to follow me, they nodded.

 Perhaps the Veneers wanted me to be their king. They may have wanted to manipulate or use me as their king. But I'm not going along with that. The Venetian Chamber of Commerce and I only have a relationship of using and being used. I'm sure they want this country to be at peace. But I'm not entirely on their side.

 I'm aware of that.

 I'll offer the Venetians to your brother Jurado as a pawn he can use. At least we share the same desire to stabilize this country.

 And then I had my first encounter with Brother Jurado in a long time.

 I, the daughter of the side queen, brother Jurado, the son of the queen, the crown prince, and brother Guy, the second prince. Depending on who is the parent, the status of a child of the same king can change drastically.

 The two brothers are smiling at me for coming to visit them under such circumstances. ---But I can see behind their eyes that they are wary of me. It is only natural for them to be wary of me if I come to visit them when the country is in such a state of turmoil. Even if I were in your position, I would be wary of you.
It's been a while. Big brother Jurado, big brother Gui.
 I tried my best to hide my nervousness and put a smile on my face. It's been a long time since I've stood in front of you guys like this, partly because I've been in the middle of nowhere. We haven't had many conversations to begin with. My heart skipped a beat at the thought of me addressing them.

"So, what can I do for you?
"Well, as the daughter of a side queen and the fifth princess, I have a few thoughts of my own that I'd like you to hear.

 I'll preface it with that. Since my brothers told me to go ahead and try, I'll tell them.

I think that in this domestic turmoil, there needs to be a resolution. Someone has to be punished. Currently, the people are trying to force Alice, the girl who was protected by the country as a divine child, to play the role of a false divine child. The same is true for the Third Prince's side. However, if the opinion of the third prince's forces is accepted, that side will be pushed as the righteous one.

 In the end, it's a world where the side that wins is always right. If Alice is punished for being a false godson, it means that the third prince's opinion that your father and brothers made up the false godson will be recognized as true.

If that were to happen, the falsehood that your late father and brother Jurado made up the false godson would be considered true. I've also met Alice, and she was convinced that she was a godson. She had been brought to the Great Temple from a remote village, where she was said to be a divine child. How could she pretend to be a divine child herself? Even if she had faked it, it wouldn't have mattered as much as it did if the Great Temple hadn't acknowledged her as a divine child. In the first place, even if Alice was not a divine child, it was the Great Temple that protected the divine child, and it was the Great Temple, not the royal family, that was able to recognize the divine child as a divine child.

 The third prince's forces are raising the legitimacy of forcing the third prince to become king. The third prince's forces are trying to justify forcing the third prince to become king by saying that the Great Temple and the royal family had colluded to create a false godson. But the fact is that the royal family did not know that the child was a fake. Then who made them into false gods? --It can only be the Great Temple.

The reason why those in the upper echelons of the Great Temple, who should be the first to refute the Third Prince's claim that the child is a fake, have not acted is because they knew that the child was not a child. I think it's because they knew the child was not a child.

 At the very least, I think they are convinced that he is not a godson, rather than at the level that he might not be a godson.

"The Third Prince's forces currently have the support of the people. The Third Prince's forces are currently supported by the people because they believe the Third Prince's side of the story. I know that is why it is difficult for brother Jurado and the others to move. That's why I think it's better to overturn the Third Prince's argument. I think we can get the truth from the Grand Temple side and show it to them so that they can deal with the falsehood that Brother Jurado and the others created the false gods. Also, by protecting Alice, who was brought in as a divine child, as a pathetic girl who was just used, I think we can prove that Brother Jurado and the others are merciful.

 After I said that much, I looked at Brother Jurado and Brother Gui. They were smiling. Then they opened their mouths.

 With the ---- princess, the choice.
 (The princess does not choose to be king. She just does what she thinks is right.