116 Girl and Ethnic 5

Let us live in the village where you live.

 I wondered what they would say as a negotiation. What the chief uncle said was that he wanted us to live in his village.
 Perhaps they wanted to take advantage of the fact that we were living in the forest without any problems. They wanted to contact us. They are desperate too. They, too, are desperate for survival.

 ---That's what they want. But it's not a request we can agree to right away.

 But I don't know what will happen to Mr. Roma if I refuse. This is a threat in the name of negotiation. I realize that. But the expression on his face as he tells us this is stern. I can't answer immediately. I don't know what the best thing to say here would be. --The uncle is talking to me. To me, of all people.

It's not fair to take hostages and then try to negotiate with the weakest one, Lerunda.

 Fresne is standing next to me, anger evident in his voice. I'm the only one here who can hear him. The others do not react. It might be cowardly of me and a few others to negotiate with the gryphons not to bring them, and even take hostages. But that's a sign that they're exhausted.

 I was a little at a loss for words, trying to decide what to say.
I was a little at a loss for words when I heard a voice say, "I hope you catch or kill these three women and children!
 That's what they shouted at me.

 It was one of the younger men who shouted that. They said, "Stop! Don't do that to the person who saved you! Oh, that's the girl I saved. There was also a girl I saved on the side of the stopper.

"That's not very nice, we're holding hostages! It doesn't matter how many people we take!
"That's right! We don't have time to worry about other people.

 That's what the people being stopped are shouting.
 We can't afford it. They say it doesn't matter how many hostages they have because they've already taken hostages. The man who was talking directly to me has a difficult look on his face. The option of taking hostages is not their intention either.

 Our village has chosen to stay out of their way. That's an extreme choice. We wanted to keep them away. It was best not to get involved. But I got involved. And this is the result.
 But I don't think it's better that I didn't.

"...... can't catch, can't kill. I'll fight back.

 I'm not going to be caught or killed. In the beginning when I went to the beastman village, I might have made that choice. I would've done it even if it would've gotten me in trouble. --But I don't have that option anymore.
 I want to make the choice that keeps everyone safe, including myself.

What does fighting back mean to women and children?

 I called out to Frené as I saw that they were about to attack us, even as they reamed out those who held them back. Gaius and Ms. Wetani were also bracing themselves, but I thought it best to make them understand sooner rather than later.

 I also thought that Fresne could do whatever he wanted without hurting them too much. I called out to Fresne, and he moved immediately.

 Magic stirred. With that, the wind blew in its place. The wind hit the people who were about to attack us with pinpoint accuracy. Freneh, your magic manipulation is amazing. If I did it, I'd hit everyone around me. I thought spirits were really amazing.

I can do anything to you guys if I want to.
 --So don't try to come at me anymore. That's what I'm going to say.
"I don't want to be enemies with you. I can't do everything you ask. But I know I can't stay away from you forever. So I'll try to walk with you. Isn't that enough of an answer for me?

 I thought hard and spun my words.
 It's true that Roma is being held hostage. But that doesn't mean we should do everything he asks.

 And I say this because I believe that there are many people who are trying to stop the people who tried to attack us, and that they are not bad people at heart. And I think the people who are trying to catch us are trying to make that choice because they are in dire straits.

"How is that ......?
"I don't know yet. It's not something I can decide on my own. But I'm not going to make it your fault. ...... of course, but only if you promise to keep Roma safe. We were trying to keep you out of it. But we'll find a way for us to walk together.

 I'm looking for a compromise. We have no choice but to leave them behind. And yet none of us want to abandon these people, or even think about getting rid of them. ---So I wanted to find a compromise option for both of us. I don't know if I can find it, but I want to.

 We can't make them live in the village. But a compromise can be made. To my words, the uncle replied.

 ---- girl and her people 5
 (Maybe the girl who is a goddess sees their current situation and negotiates so. She says, "Let's find a way to compromise, let's find a way to walk together.