117 Girl and Ethnic 6

 Those mysterious people came to live near our village. We decided to interact with them in some small way. That's our compromise.

 We talked to Dong, Silva and Lan, and the only compromise we could make was to stop interacting with them at all. Either way, even if it wasn't for Roma, if you live in the vicinity of the village, you can't live without them. That is why this compromise was approved by the consensus of the village. Strangely enough, the people living near our village still seemed to be unable to reach our village. Mr. Lan said again that it was because of me. I'm glad that I've been able to help everyone in the village in some small way.

 They were quick to return my message about Mr. Roma. We found out after Mr. Roma came back that he said he was going to be a hostage and became a hostage. He went behind our backs and befriended those people. He felt sorry for them and wanted to help them.
 He didn't seem to feel bad that he had been taken hostage by ...... and said, "Why don't you give it to them if you have it? Mr. Dong and the others were punishing Mr. Roma with a pained look on their faces. They said that if they didn't punish him properly, he would turn himself into a hostage again and again. But even with the punishment, Roma-san seems to have become so attached to them that she can't help but want to help them. --That's the kind of thinking you get when you can afford it. Because we're doing well now. We don't know when things will go wrong for us. But now that we're doing well, some people are going to act like Roma.

 By the way, they declared that they would keep a close eye on those who were making such horrible comments that we should be taken hostage. It seems that the people who made those horrible remarks are the ones who Fresne was talking about, the ones who think they should rob our village. Those people are not all in one place. If there are that many people, there will be people with different ideas.

 That's the way it is. ...... I think the best thing is that we can all get along. But it is not that easy to get along with everyone. In order for us to protect our precious place, we can't hold everything in. That made me feel helpless.

If Roma does this again, we may have to leave her behind for the sake of the village. Of course, we all want our goals to come true. But if you're being held against your will, we'll help you, but if you're causing all this trouble yourself and going to those people, we can't protect you either.
That's .......
There is a limit. If you ever act like that again, there's nothing we can do.
...... Yeah.

 I nodded to Mr. O'Shazio's words. I nodded to Mr. Ocasio. My aunt loves you too. But she also looked sad and said, "If Roma does that, there is nothing we can do.

 We all want you to go into the future with us. I want the same. So I tried my best to talk to her. But she cared about those people too. You became friends with them and they became important. The more she cared about them, the more she wanted to help them.

 No matter how much I told her, she still talked about her feelings for them.
 Then she said to me.

Lernda doesn't understand because she's never starved to death!
"...... It is.
Lelunda has never been in danger because he's a godson or something. Then you don't know how I feel, and you don't know how they feel. I know, too, that trying to help them could get us in trouble here. But I want to help them because I've been through it too.

 Oh, I thought.

 I've never been so hungry that I've starved to death. I've always found something to eat by accident. I've never been so hungry that I almost died.

 I've never been in real danger of dying. ---I'm always safe, one way or another. People can't raise their hands at me, even if they wanted to. No one has ever punched me or kicked me or caused me any physical pain.

 That is because the people in the beast village would have been really hungry during the famine. They may have been exposed to some kind of danger. They may have been injured in battles with demons. ---But I've never experienced any of that.

 I've never encountered famine. Even if I did, my opponent could not hurt me. I've never known what it feels like to be hungry.

 Yeah, that's why.

 That's why I know that my words won't reach you. No matter how much I try to tell her, I can't understand how hard it is for them. I can understand what it's like in my head, but I can't understand it properly. You can't understand the pain until you experience it.
 ---I think that I have been able to live until now because I am different from others. But because I'm different, I suffer. I can't share that pain.

 In the end, Roma went to those people. And there was bloodshed at their place of residence.

 ---The Girl and the Tribe 6

 Maybe the child girl is too special to share his suffering. The girl can't convince him. And so he went to them.