126 Record of Ms. 3

 "Records of the Shenzi.
 Recorder: Landono Stoffer

 There are still many things I do not understand about the existence of the Divine Child. However, there are some things that I have learned from spending time with Lerunda, the Divine Child.
 Currently, we are trying to coexist with people of a different race. It is not easy to grow crops in the place where they live. When I think about why this is the case in different places, I wonder if it is a difference in the perception of Lerunda, the girl who seems to be a divine child.
 When Lerunda existed in the Kingdom of Fairytorff, did the Kingdom of Fairytorff itself prosper because Lerunda was aware that she belonged to the Kingdom? Or, if the place of belonging prospers, it may be because we don't have a sense of belonging to the same place as the village where we live and the place where the different people live.
 This is still a mystery at the moment. However, it is certain that the range of the blessings of the divine child is not determined by distance. If the blessing is affected by the distance from the place where the divine child exists, then the blessing should also go to the place where the different races live, which is not that far away.

 Lerunda is becoming more and more proficient in wind magic. She can't fly freely in the sky yet, but she can float in the air. Little by little, Lernda is growing in her abilities.
 In the process of interacting with the different races, one of her friends died. Lelunda was heartbroken by this, but decided to use her powers more.
 As a divine child, Lelanda's favored beings may have been blessed. However, considering that Athos died before and Roma died this time, it is clear that the power of a divine child is not universal.
 I suspect that the power of the Divine Child is specialized in protecting.
 Thinking about Athos and Roma, if they had not gone out of the village, they would not have been found by humans or other races. Athos was caught by the humans when he was outside the village. Roma went to the different races by herself.
 As for the extermination of demons in the elven village, Lerunda never encountered dangerous demons unless she wanted to. However, if she decides to go out and exterminate demons, she will meet those plant demons.
 If we can understand Lelunda's characteristics better, we can use her to achieve our goal of creating a safe place.

 Yes, Lernda expressed her goal of "creating a safe place with my own hands. After the death of Athos, a person close to her, she needed strength. In the world today, at least in this area, it is easy for humans to live and difficult for others to live. This is because humans have built a huge country and are superior and powerful over other races. Other species do not have large groups of countries. Therefore, even though they are better than humans individually, they have not been able to gain an advantage over humans.
 Currently, the village is doing well. However, if this place were to be attacked by a group of nations, there would be no end to it. The village is just starting to get going, but it's not enough to compete with the nation.
 Lerunda and Gaius have said that they just want to create a place where they can feel safe, but I recognize that creating a place that can compete with the nation means creating a nation.

 A place where different races such as humans, beastmen, and elves can belong. A place where different races such as humans, beastmen, and elves belong.
 I realize once again that I am witnessing a historic moment.
 Lerunda has the power to realize this goal.
 It is the same for Gaius, who has become a Knight of the Divine Child. This time, Gaius has acquired the power of bestialization. It is said that the ancestors of the beastmen were able to use the forms of both beast and man. Gaius now has that power. Seeing this change in Gaius, there might be some who would approach Lernda to become a Knight of the Divine Son. I am planning to manipulate information to prevent such people from coming out.
 I don't think there are people in this village who would ignore Lerunda's will and force him to do such a thing, but people change. The more power Lerunda gains and the more special he shows himself to be, the more likely it is that the people around him will change. I'm going to work to prevent that from happening. I don't have the power to fight. It may be presumptuous of me to protect Lernda, the divine child, but I will act so that she can live in peace.

 ---Records of the Master 3
 (She will probably continue to record the girl who is a divine child. The more the girl shows her specialness, the more the surroundings may change. That is why she wants to act so that the girl can live in peace.