127 encounter with a girl

 Gaius' fur is so full that you can't help but touch it.

 Although everyone was surprised that Gaius changed into a wolf, he has been doing this from time to time to practice how to move when he is in wolf form, and to be able to change into a wolf quickly in case of emergency.

 Gaius in his wolf form can be easily spotted while moving around the village.
 He often touches the silvery fur. I don't touch their ears or tails because I was told to do so only in my turn, but I feel like stroking their bodies a little bit, which I have been doing since I got to Gaius. I've also been brushing her like I do the gryphons and skyhorse.

 Their fur is fluffy, full, and nice.

 Gaius is still a child, but when he is in wolf form he is quite large. I wonder if his wolf form will grow even bigger when he gets older. Gaius in his wolf form is so beautiful and cool. I can stare at it forever.

The fur is so soft and fluffy.

 It's so soft, it feels really good.

"Gargling, gargling, gargling.
"Because it's so soft.

 Gaius looked dumbfounded when I said that. In wolf form, it's hard to see their expressions, but I can somehow tell what they're thinking. Does this mean that Gaius's change in appearance is because of my influence? So I guess Gaius and I are connected somehow.

"Hey, Gaius, how do you feel about being a wolf?

 I ask, stroking Gaius. Not only did his ears and tail change color to silver, but he also changed into a wolf.

...... Gaius can be a wolf, so a lot can change.
"Gaius can be a wolf, so things may change.
"Yeah, .......

 I may be a godson, and I have powers that not everyone else has.
 Gaius got the power to become a wolf from my influence.
 Even if we don't think we've changed, the people around us might. Just like Roma became that way.

 I feel like Gaius is more mature than me. I think he's more decisive than I am.
 I think I should also try to think more critically. However, I don't want to give up as much as possible.

 With this in mind, I stroked Gaius' hair.

 A few days later, I was in the forest with Mr. Sinorn, Frene and Sifo. I was in the forest with Mr. Sinorn, Frene and Sifo, because I wanted to practice more magic and increase the number of things I could do. Some of the gryphons have been keeping an eye on the people of that tribe.

 So far, nothing seems to have gone wrong, and I'm relieved about that. Phyto has been quiet as well. I wonder if we can get to know each other a little better, if we can hear that we can communicate with the gods or something.
 The beastmen who are monitoring Phyto have told me a lot about how she is spending her time, but so far she seems to be just living her life as usual, and doesn't seem to be communicating with the gods or anything. He doesn't seem to be communicating with God or anything like that. He seems to be rather absent-minded most of the time. I would like to know more about Phyto if I could get to know him.

Lelanda, something's approaching.

 That's what Sifo said to me when I was practicing my magic. When I told Sinorn that Sifo was talking about something approaching, he looked alarmed.
 I knew I should be wary of anything new approaching, so I decided to hide from the approaching something.

 I hide and look at the approaching beings.

 Two beings. One has a sword on his hip. A woman? Maybe. The other one is dressed like a priest. He looks like the same priest who took my sister two years ago. The priest was also neutral looking, so it was hard to tell if he was a man or a woman.

 We were close enough to see their faces, but they didn't notice us. I think it's because they don't want to find me, based on my past experience.

"Is there really a being you're looking for in the woods like this?
"I don't know. I don't know. But I have a feeling that the Divine Child is in this forest.

 "The Divine Child," the priest said. Are you looking for me?
 A priest searching for a divine child and a swordsman with the priest.

 Perhaps something happened to you in the land of the humans? And are they looking for me? The human country where I took in my sister as a divine child. And yet, there's a being in the forest looking for her.
 I honestly can't think. It doesn't make sense.

 But I know I shouldn't jump out at this point. I can't just show my face in front of them without thinking.

 ---Let's talk to everyone in the village about this duo.
 With that in mind, we hid our breath until they were gone.

 ---Encounter with a girl
 The girl, who was probably a child of the gods, encountered the duo in the forest. And we hid our breath until they were gone.