128 girl and reported

 We returned to the village. We went back to the village and immediately reported to Dong and Lan about the two men we had just seen. Mr. Dong and Mr. Lan had difficult expressions on their faces.

 I wondered who those two people were. What are they trying to bring to us? Will they change anything? It makes me feel uneasy.

I think it's safe to say that the Kingdom of Fairleigh Troff has realized that Alice is not a divine child. The fact that Lerunda was dressed like the priests who took Alice means that they must have come from the Kingdom of Fairytlov.

 The Kingdom of Fairleigh Trov realized that her sister was not a divine child. Mr. Lan said.

"Then he might have heard about Lelanda and is looking for her. I didn't think she'd come this deep into the forest. Normally, a seven-year-old girl would not have gone into the forest alone.
How could Ran have followed Lerunda into the woods? ......
...... There was a sighting of him going into the woods. It was almost a gamble. I'd like to praise my own decision to go into the forest alone at that time, so that I could be with Lelunda safely.

 Mr. Ran answered Mr. Dong's question in that way. Then he continued.

I'd like to praise my decision to go into the forest alone at that time. If you really want to protect the divine child on a large scale, you should send more people. However, it is strange that there are only two of them. Even if they were on a secret mission to protect the child, they would be traveling in a party of at least five or six people. ......

 Ran said it was strange that they were alone in the forest. If it is really to protect the existence of the divine child, it is strange to move with such a small number of people.
 Still, the word "protection" makes me feel indescribable. I'm living happily in this village, but it's frightening to think that I might be the one who is thinking of protecting her and taking her to a human country. I like my life here, and I don't want to go back to human country.

"Lelunda, don't look so anxious. If you don't leave on your own, you'll probably never find this village. We'll do everything we can to make sure Lerunda doesn't get taken away.
First, we need to know exactly what the priest and the swordsman are doing and why they are in the forest. We are concerned that they may be trying to take Lelunda with them, but they may actually have other intentions.
"...... Yes.
So, I would like to ask for your help, Freneh-sama. They can't see you, and if you listen to their conversations, you'll know what they're thinking.
"Yes, I will.

 Yes, I will." Mr. Lan said that it was the first thing to know what they were thinking. I have a feeling that they might be the ones who are trying to take me, but I don't know what their actual purpose is in this forest.

The other thing is that, yes, ...... we may not find this village, but ...... one concern is that we may find their village.

 There is a possibility that Phyto's village will be found by the priest and the swordsman. As a result, they may not be able to reach this village, but they may be able to reach you.

Lelunda, can you consciously hope that their village and its people will not be approached by the duo?
Yes, I don't know if it will work, but I think it might have some effect if you keep it in a corner of your mind.

 So I wished in my heart that the duo would stay away from their village and the villagers. But not everything I wished for would come true, so I didn't know what would happen. I hope it will have some effect.
 Then I asked Fresne to keep an eye on the duo. Fresne nodded.

 I also told Gaius about the duo, and he said he wouldn't let them take Lelanda. I was happy just to hear him say that.

 First of all, I was told that no one should go outside the village until I heard the report from Fresne. We might not be able to find the location of the village, but we might encounter people outside.
 So we lingered in the village for a while, but Fresne returned later that day. Fresne said something surprising.

"That priest might be seeing me.
 And that's what she reported.

 The ---- girl and her report
 (The girl, who was probably a priestess, consulted with the adults about the pair. And the wind spirit who went out to gather information said something unexpected.