132 Girl and The Diviner 2

 The priest didn't even hesitate to call me "Divine Child". I was so surprised that I could not react immediately. The priest continued to speak to me without hesitation.

I am so happy to hear that you are all right. I am truly sorry that our mistake has led us to hide ourselves in the forest like this. Just the fact that you are here in front of me is a miracle. I've been hoping to meet you. Kamiko-sama is...
Wait. Ilm, you're being pulled.

 That's what the swordsman said, stopping the priest.
 The words startled me. And then he says to the priest.

I've never met you." "I'm a priestess, ....... I've never met you.

 A priest I've never met.
 In the first place, I think that I might be a godson, but I am not sure that I am one. And yet, the priest in front of me referred to me as a "divine child" without any hesitation.

"You're a godson. I saw your form at the oracle. You look just like that. And now that I've seen you, I can only assume you're the Divine Child.
"Are you a priest who received an oracle? I thought you were supposed to have been kept awake by the oracle. Are you one of those priests?
"Yes, that's right. I met Alice after I woke up. But the child I saw in the oracle didn't have blond hair, she had brown hair. After we received the oracle, we, the priests who received the oracle, were given the minimum information about the oracle's location, but we never thought that the oracle's parents would hide the oracle from us and abandon her. You must be Landono Stoffer, the one who was supposed to be her educator. It's a good thing you're here next to her. My excitement never stops just to see you in front of me. Does he have a connection with those spirits, and are the sky horses and gryphons behind him also his messengers? How mysterious. I don't need anything, Kamiko-sama, I just need you to allow me to serve by your side.

 Long. And fast. He spoke too fast for me to understand what he was saying. I could only understand about half of it. And he's a little too excited and scary. I know he's not a bad guy, but I'm a little surprised.

"...... because your godson is pulling away. Don't scare the kids.
Oh, how sorry I am that I startled you!
I know you're happy to see her, but calm down!

 The swordswoman shouted to the priestess, who was still excited.

By the way, what is your position and why are you with this priest?
"Oh, I'm a magic swordsman employed by the temple. I was hired by the temple to protect their godson in the high temple, and I was hired to guard the party, including this guy. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you can do to help. I was also interested in the Illume. ......

 I didn't hear the last thing he said. I'm not sure if you'll be able to find a way to find out more about it.
 Also, the priest---Ilm is staring at me too much, which surprises me.

"Well, well, Illume...
Yes! What can I do for you, Godson?
"Well, my name is Lerunda. I prefer your name.
You're Lelanda. Yes, sir!
I'm not sure I'm a godson.
No, you're a godson. My whole body tells me you're a godson!
Oh, really?
Yes, I am! Master Lerunda, please do whatever it takes to keep me close!
Yes, yes, .......

 He looked straight at me with sparkling eyes, and I honestly wondered how I should react. I don't think Mr. Illume is a bad person. Maybe he really does care about me. --I wonder if I'm really a godson. Am I really a godson, or can I be called a godson? That's also going around and around in my head. Even if he's not a bad person, is it okay to bring him into our village? Maybe he won't be my enemy. Maybe he won't be my enemy, but is it possible that this attitude is an act? I was troubled and looked at Mr. Lan and Mr. Dong.

"Would you like to do the same for the mage there?
I wish I could.
I wish I could. Well, let's put that on hold for now. Lerunda's in trouble, so can we come to a decision later?

"Yes, I will wait as long as it takes! I'll wait as long as I can stay by Master Lerunda's side!

 In the end, the meeting ended once and for all.
 I don't know what to do about Mr. Illume and the magic swordsman.

 ---- girl and the priest 2
 (The priest proudly tells the girl that she is a divine child. And the priest really wants to be by the girl's side.