133 Girl and The Diviner 3

"What do we do now? ......

 We went back to the village. And in the village, I muttered to myself. That priest, Mr. Illume, is not a bad person, I think. However, I felt a little scared because he was surprisingly strong.

"What should I do? The priest who received the oracle is probably not a bad person. But you're looking at Lelunda too blindly. You could say it's faith. That too much faith could well be a danger to ...... this village.

 I listen to Mr. Lan's words. Mr. Dong nodded beside him.

 Faith. He has faith in me.
 I've never encountered such a being before and I don't know what to do. What should I do with Mr. Illume?
 And that feeling of faith in me could be a danger to this village. I don't understand what that means. In the first place, do you have such faith in me? In the first place, I don't understand why someone would have such faith in me. I can't imagine what the result would be.

"...... in what way?
"Yes. For example, a being with a lot of faith can do amazing things. It will believe everything that a being that it believes to be absolute says and will do whatever it wants. For example, that priest may do anything dangerous if ...... Lerunda orders him to do it.
"...... That's right. For example, the reason why humans enslave us beasts is because they believe that we are lower than them. Belief is such a powerful force that it can move people.

 That's what Mr. Lan and Mr. Dong say.
 Belief. It's a great power. I understand that feeling.

 ---That's what I said to Sireva when we went to kill the demon in the Spirit Tree. I believed that we could do anything if we worked together. I believed it, so I said it strongly. And with those words, the elves became my allies in the fight. I could do it because I believed.

 He said that maybe she believed in me so much that she thought everything I said was right.

If Lernda's wishes were to be unintentionally expressed, the priest might be willing to grant them. No, maybe the priest will do something that Lernda doesn't want, if he believes it will benefit Lernda. That's what it means to be a believer.

 It could be...it's just a possibility. But if such a thing were done, it could certainly have bad consequences for this village.

It's great to act for someone else. But acting for someone is only a self-serving nuisance if that person doesn't want you to do it. There is a good chance that the priest will act in that way. From what I saw earlier, he's really into Lelanda.
That's right. That is the danger with that man. But ...... if you can't stay with Lelanda, you don't know how a man who is so devoted to Lelanda will act. We don't know what he will do when the one he wants is right next to him, but he can't get close to him. Besides, I don't think the man will give up if we stop keeping the priest by Lelanda's side this time.

 I listened to Ran's and Dong's words respectively.
 There is a possibility that he will act on his own. "For my sake," he said. That's a problem.
 And I think Ms. Dong has a point. It didn't seem like Mr. Ilum would give up if I said no. So, what is the most correct option?

I'm ...... dangerous, but I think it's a good idea to keep him around. I think we should keep an eye on him and use him to our advantage to make sure he doesn't use the name Lerunda without permission.
"Use ......
Yes. I know it's difficult, but I think it's best if we can make it work in our favor. At the very least, if Lernda is going to live as a godson, she should be accustomed to standing above others. That is, if you are thinking about the future.

 If I'm going to live my life as a godson, I'd better be used to standing over someone else. I don't really feel that way. But for the future. I have to think about it and then I have to make a choice. I don't know which is better. But it's a choice I have to make.

 I don't feel bad for you, ilm. I'd like to be friends with someone who likes me if I could. But I don't know what the consequences of doing so would be.

 That day dawned with no conclusion.

 The ---- girl and the priest 3
 (The girl, who is probably a child of the gods, ponders how she should deal with the priest who believes she is a child of the gods.