134 Girl and The Diviner 4

 I want to be friendly. I want to get along with people I can get along with as much as possible. Of course, I understand that there are people I cannot get along with and people I cannot understand.

 No matter how much I want to be friends with them, if they don't want to be friends with me, we can't be friends.
 But the priest wants to be friends with me. But the feeling of love is too strong, so I have to make it right. If I want to be with him, if I want to be friends with him, I have to be ready.
 I may be a child of the gods. ...... Well, from what I heard from the oracle, it may be correct to say that I am a child of the gods, not a child of the gods. ---I'm not sure if I'm right or not. However, I don't know if what Mr. Illume is saying is true. Nevertheless, I am sure that I have a power that others do not have, and that I want to use that power to protect everyone.

 That's why I think that if you want to live your life accepting the fact that you are special, you have to be prepared to live as such, as Ran says.
 I've never thought about taking advantage of anyone or anything like that. But if I want to get along with Mr. Illume, I have to be careful about what I say and do because I have too much influence over him. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 ---- I was troubled, and after consulting with Ran and the others, I eventually decided to accept Illume and the magic swordsman.

 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site. I chose to accept it. Of course, I don't just accept it unconditionally. The decision to monitor has been made.

 When we went to Mr. Illume and told him that we had decided to place you in the village, he smiled happily.

"Mr. Ilum?
"Yes, how can I help you, Godson!
I care about everyone in my village. So ...... please don't do anything selfish. If you're going to do something, you need to tell me.

 There is a danger that Mr. Illume might try to fulfill even the words that I have just spilled. She might take action on her own for my sake. It was because Ran and the others told me that there was such a possibility that I consulted with her and said those words first.
 If I had said properly that everyone in the village was important to me, Ms. Illume would not have done anything detrimental for my sake.

 And I thought that by saying this, I would be able to stop Mr. Ilum before he tried to do something that would get him in trouble.

 When I said this, Mr. Ilum said.
 He nodded without hesitation.

 It seemed as if she would really nod to anything I said. Her attitude, as if my words were all that mattered, reminded me of my sister for the first time in a long time.
 My sister was right. ---Everyone in the village who was born and raised that way was blind to my sister. My parents and the villagers were all trying to make her wish come true. When I remembered that, I realized that I should be careful about what I say and do.

 I took Ilm and Sheehan, the swordsman, to the village.

 I took them there blindfolded. I took them there blindfolded, so that they would not know where the village was. Mr. Ilum did not hesitate at all to put on the blindfold. Mr. Shehan was reluctant to do it if Mr. Ilum would do it. When they arrived at the village and took off the blindfold, Mr. Ilum had sparkling eyes.

So this is where Lerunda-sama currently lives!

 This village is just beginning to take shape.

 There is a distinctive tree in the center of the village called the Spirit Tree, but the tree has yet to recover. We continue to channel magic power into the tree, but the spirits contracted by the elves are still dormant.
 If you take away the existence of the spirit tree, it's just a normal village. Sure, there are elves and beastmen and all sorts of people living here, and the houses are all different, but it's a normal village. So I honestly didn't understand why I was so excited about it.

It's not something you should be so excited about. ......
"No, Mr. Sheehan. No, Mr. Sheehan. This is the place where the godson Lerunda lives. It is a place that should be recognized as a holy place by itself. It's only natural that I would be excited just to know that Master Lelanda is living here!

 To Sheehan's dumbfounded words, Ilum replied without hesitation.
 The Holy Land ...... makes me feel strange. I wondered if I could really keep him from going out of control.

 ---The Girl and the Priestess 4
 (A priest and a magic swordsman are invited to the village of a girl who is probably a child of the gods. It's not clear at the moment what kind of influence that will have.