144 My sister is taking a new step.

"Thank you, Alice.

 There's someone smiling at me right in front of me.

 The princess, Ninaev, is going to grant my wish to fulfill someone else's request. However, my position is very delicate. I was carried as a divine child. I myself was so proud of being a godson that I did as I pleased. I am the one who is supposed to be destroyed. In fact, I was in a position where I could have been executed. That's why I can't move freely.
 Lord Ninaev took me to a remote land, Ananaro. I live in a mansion there. I wasn't a godson, but I was out in the open as a godson. There are many possibilities for me to be used.

 ...... I never thought of that possibility because my life has been so strangely successful so far. But now that I think about it again, the reason I was so fortunate to live in the village where I was born and raised was because Lerunda was a special being, a godson. According to Ninaef-sama's research, the village I lived in was having a hard time growing crops, and they were asking the government for assistance. This was not the case when I was living there. That's why I had so much to give. But it wasn't my power. Maybe it was Lelunda's power.

 ...... Lelunda was gone when I found out. I didn't pay any attention. I wondered what Lerunda thought of me. How did Lerunda live in that village? What was she thinking about? ...... I'm family, but I don't even know it. A person I didn't care about. The girl I didn't even know was my sister.

 Lately, I've been thinking a lot about my sister.

 I thought my mom and dad loved me. But they disappeared into thin air when the country was in turmoil. And I don't even know where they are.
 My family. It's different from the norm, I thought again, knowing that I'm not special. My family is crazy, I know it.

 At first, the people in the mansion where I live now shunned me because I was a selfish girl who was considered a godchild, but when I gradually approached them, they started to smile at me. People around me have always taken it for granted that I would approach them. So I felt uneasy about approaching them myself. But when I tried to talk to Ninaef with her encouragement, she laughed at me.

 ...... So far, everyone has come up to me and acted like I'm special. It's only in situations like this that I realize that this means that they don't see me as me, so to speak. I was admired, but ...... everyone just liked me because I was special. So when they found out that I wasn't a godson, there were no more people by my side. Ninaef is the only one who has been by my side. ...... I could have been abandoned, I could have been killed.

 I've been living my life as I see fit. I've been living my life the way I want to live my life. I've been able to say what I want and have it come true without even thinking about it. I've done very little thinking and worrying on my own.
 I wonder what would have happened if I had grown up thinking that I was special. And what would have happened if I had grown up and realized that I was not special? I've done that. I did what I wanted because I thought I was special. Maybe it's a good thing I found out early on that I'm not special.

 I'm starting by helping out as much as I can in the house.

 Ninaef-sama said that I should start with what I can do, because if I say I want to grant a wish without thinking, I might get into trouble.

 Accordingly, I have been learning about common sense while helping out in the mansion. In this way, I have learned that I do not know common sense. I do not know what is normal or usual. I would like to learn this and move on so that I can do more for others. I want to do the best I can so that I can give back to others for all the time I've been selfish.

Alice, you're doing great. I'm glad. I'm glad you're settling into the house.

 Master Ninaev smiled at me. I was happy to have Ninaev's approval of me. There is only one princess who knew that I was not a godson and decided to take me in.

 ...... I behaved badly to Master Ninaev when I thought I was a divine child. Ninaev was driven to the frontier because of me. And yet, he made friends here and accepted me. He was in trouble because of me, and yet he's laughing at me.

 I think you're a much, much better person than I am. I want to be as great as him. I'm too embarrassed to tell you this, but that's what I'm thinking about as I live my new life here.

 I look up at the sky from inside my house.
 I wonder if my sister and Lelanda are still alive under this sky. I hope so, I hope so.

 ---My sister is taking a new step.
 The child girl's sister was taking a new step in a remote land. (She looks up at the sky and thinks of the child girl.)