145 The girl and the worship of the deity

 I was able to get a little closer to Phyto, and we became friends. This made me feel warm and happy.
 I was told that Phyto was still under discussion.

 When I told her that we had become friends, she smiled and said, "I'm glad.

 Mr. Ran keeps a lot of records of his time in this village. He is trying to make this village a better place based on those records. I admire Ran-san for his quick thinking, his enthusiasm when he is learning something, and his ability to find what he wants to do.

 Two days after becoming friends with Phyto, I went to visit Mr. Ilum and Mr. Shehan. These two people also stay in the same room most of the time, partly because there is a risk that they might do something wrong if they are not allowed to be free.

 It seems that Mr. Illume only wants to see me on a regular basis, so he sometimes goes to them. It's not that there's anything wrong with seeing me, but ...... I don't really like it when people think of me in that particular way. I don't really like to be singled out like that, but I also accept that I'm just a "god child" to you.

 All of my favorite beastmen and the elves who joined me later had their own beliefs, such as gryphons and spirits. Because of this, they have a normal attitude towards me. They treat me as a mere Lernander. Ran-san is also considerate of me. But as the number of people increases, there are times when people treat me as a "god child" and take an attitude of worshipping something, like Ms. Illume.
 But don't worry. I have everyone. The gryphons, Sipho and Frene are my family, Gaius, Dong and the elves, Sireva and Ran are my friends. They're all here for me. Then it's okay that there are people who think I'm special.

 No matter what I do, it doesn't change the fact that I'm a godson. I have special powers and I have decided to protect everyone even if I have to use them differently.
 I've heard a lot of things from Mr. Illume and Mr. Sheehan that I don't know. Things that I know because I'm a priest of the Great Temple, things that I know because I'm an adventurer like you. That's what I'm learning. Because there are more and more people, more and more ideas and information are coming in, and I'm learning that there are many things that are common sense and normal for me that are not normal for others.


 And Ms. Illume had very bad things to say about my sister, who was taken in as a divine child. She told me that she was selfish and that she was beautiful, but at the same time, she praised me.

 To be honest, I neither like nor dislike my sister. ---I honestly neither like nor dislike my sister, and I think indifferent is a better word. The difference in the way my sister and I were treated was very bad from the point of view of others. I couldn't feel the normality that I feel in my life now when I was in the village where I grew up. But back then, my sister was special, and it was natural that I, who was not special, was not treated the same as her. Ms. Ilm praises me because I am a divine child. If I were not a divine child, she would not have praised me. Even when they praise my appearance, I honestly feel that my sister is more beautiful than I am.

 If I wasn't a divine child, Ms. Illume wouldn't praise me so much. But when I think about it, it's because I'm a child that I've been able to bypass the contracts with my family and make it this far. Perhaps being a child is like a part of me, inseparable from me.

"Lelunda, I want to do what you want. I want to do something for you.

 And Mr. Ilum often says that. What a dangerous thing to say. Because it really seemed like she was going to affirm everything I said and make something happen.
 Even if what I said was cruel, no matter how wrong I said it.

 I don't know, but ever since he met me, Mr. Illume has been excited and somewhat restless. I get the feeling that he wants to do something for me. I'd like to talk to a calmer Illume, but ...... the calmer Illume is probably the real Illume.

 Shehan is more calm. Shehan is with Mr. Illume, but he calls me "Lerunda". To be honest, that makes me happy, but Mr. Ilum always seems to want to say something about it.

 I wish Illume would be a little less excited and a little more calm. ...... I can't help but think that every time.

 ---- girl and the worship of priests
 The girl is confused by the priest's adoration and wishes he would cool down a bit.