146 A girl and a story that jumped in.

"Lelunda, look at me! I can do a lot of things now.

 I can do a lot of things now," said Kayu, kicking and kicking in front of me. Next to her, Shinomi is also moving her body with a calm smile on her face, "I worked hard too.

 It seems that both of them can't use magic, but their physical abilities are still amazing. Even if they don't use magic to strengthen their bodies, the beastmen have much more physical strength than I do, and they are good at moving their bodies like this.
 I may be more special than others, but I still can't move my body as freely as the two of you, and I can't help but think that the beastmen are amazing.

 What is special and what is not special are things that people decide for themselves. All beastmen have greater physical abilities than I do, and all elves have superior magical abilities. I don't think there's much difference between me, the humans, the beasts, and the elves, just because we're all good at different things.

I'm as good as Lelunda and Gaius! I may not be able to do as much as you two, but I too want to create a place where everyone can feel safe. To do that, I want to be strong enough to make it no matter what obstacles come in my way.
"Yeah, me too. That's why I don't like to fight, but I want to be able to use my physical abilities to work together with Lelunda and Gaius.

 Both Kayu and Shinomi are working hard to achieve their goals. I'm glad that everyone is trying their best to reach their goals. When I see that, it makes me want to work hard too.

 I am happy that our goal of creating a place where we can live in peace has become everyone's goal, and that we can all work hard together. But we are both friends and strangers. That's why there are people like Roma who have become like her. It hurts me to think about it. I need to be less naive to make room for my goals.

 I had to understand the power of the Divine Child and use that power to achieve my goal.

Lerunda, what's wrong?
I was just thinking.
Well, don't be too hard on yourself, okay? If you have any problems, you can talk to me. Or if it's something you don't feel comfortable talking to me about, you can talk to Ran at ........ Don't keep it all to yourself!
"Yes, thank you, Kayu.

 I'm still blessed. There are people around me who see me as an individual, even though they know that I am a godson. There are people who care about me so much. There are people who laugh at me and tell me that I don't have to be alone.
 I love my life here and I love you all so much.

"Kayu, you're so sweet, I love you.
Lelanda is so sweet and honest!

 Kayu squeezed me. Kayu still loves squeezing me. Shinomi is looking at us, laughing at our usual behavior.
 I love these ordinary days. I love the two of you, and it makes me feel warm inside. That's why I want to protect this kind of normal life, and I'm going to do my best.

But Lernda, when you get older, you can't tell men you like them, okay?
"Yes, because they might misunderstand you. ....... Lerunda, you have to be careful.
Hmm? Why?
You don't understand. ....... Well, okay! I'll do everything I can to make sure Lerunda doesn't get any bad bugs!

 Bugs? I don't know what Kayu is talking about. I don't know what Kayu is talking about, but they seem to be laughing at me as if they can't help it. I wonder if I'll understand what they're talking about when I'm older.

 While I was lazily spending my time thinking like this, I heard "Guru Guru Guru! Guruguru! (Lelunda! Oh my God! (Lelanda! Oh my God!)" Kamiha came down from above.

 (Lerunda! Oh my God!)" Kamiha came down from above. I was a little surprised because she suddenly landed from the sky and came to us. It was the first time I had seen Kamiha in such a panic.

"Kamiha, what's wrong?

 I asked her, surprised by her unusual appearance. I wondered if something bad had happened to her. The thought crossed my mind, but strangely I didn't have a bad feeling about it.

"Round, round, round! (Those people are being attacked!)
"Round and round and round and round! (They're not being killed or anything, but it looks like the attackers are looking for Lern Da!
They have wings and I've never seen them before.

 I froze at the sudden words.
 Are people from your tribe being attacked? Are the attackers looking for me? And I'm growing wings? I had no idea what was going on. Rather, I couldn't catch up with my understanding.
 Stunned, I ran to Dong and Lan.

 ----The girl and the story that came to me.
 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. (The girl was calmly going about her normal life with her friends, when a story popped into her life that stunned her.