147 Girls and Wings 1

"Are those people being attacked by someone?" ......
They're not trying to kill us, they're winging us.
And are you looking for ...... Lern Da?

 Mr. Lan and Mr. Dong are having such a conversation with a difficult look on their faces. I was glad to see that they were calm. I was aware that I was panicking and not thinking clearly. So if they had panicked too, I might have made a wrong choice. Thank God, seeing the two of them calm down made me feel a little calmer.

...... We have to get to them.
Wait, Lerunda. You don't even know why they want to see you. If they know you're a godson and they're after you, we're in trouble. And I didn't know there was such a thing as a winged race. I guess I haven't learned enough yet. I thought I had grasped the fact that there are many different species in the world, but ....... The world really is a deep place.

 Mr. Ran waited for me to speak, and then spoke about the winged race. Mr. Ran is a studious person and knows a lot of things. People he doesn't know.

"...... But, Mr. Ran. I don't get bad vibes at all. I always have a vague feeling that tells me it's okay for me to go there.

 I don't get bad vibes at all. --I don't have any bad feelings at all. I don't have any problems going there. I don't know why I'm getting that feeling. Even though people of that race are being attacked.

"I see. Well then, just keep looking like you did with Mr. Imr, and if you feel it's safe to leave, please do so. I don't think Lernda's hunches will be wrong, but I'm nervous that something will happen to you.

 Mr. Lan is worried about me. That's why, even though he trusts my hunches, he's telling me to take a wait-and-see approach.

The winged race ...... didn't even know that such a thing lived nearby. We were not even aware of its existence. If they had attacked us, we would have been in trouble. And the ability to fly is a great power. I think the fact that the winged races haven't killed them means that they don't want to be enemies with us.
That's true. I think that's true. Having wings means that they have the power to fly freely in the sky like the gryphons. It would be easy for them to kill those people if they wanted to.

 The two of them nodded at each other calmly.

 The two nodded at each other calmly. It's true that with that kind of power, it might be easy to take someone's life. I thought that was a terrible fact.
 People who have so much power. People who are very close to us. But I still don't have a bad feeling about it.

 I'm going with you to the people of that race.

 The winged people. I wonder what they are. Why do they want to see me? How do they know about me?

 Could they be watching us from above, since they can fly freely in the sky? I wonder if I can get along with them. I hope we don't get into a fight or anything.

 I'm on Kamiha.
 When I get close to the place where those people live, I leave them and go into hiding.

"What do you want?

 I heard Dong's voice.

 I turn my gaze in that direction.

 There are winged people in my line of sight. They look much the same as us humans. But there is a distinct difference. They have large wings sprouting from their backs. It feels strange to see a bird's wing growing out of a person's back. They're not fake or anything, they're really growing out of people's backs. They are for flying.

 The people of the tribe are lying at their feet, but there are no obvious wounds.
 There are probably close to ten winged men. They have no weapons in their hands. I knew that they were not really trying to attack the ethnic people to take their lives.

 But why were they attacking them?

 The winged people laughed when they saw Dong-gu and the other beastmen.

"Oh, there you are.

 The laughing people looked at Dong-gu.
 The ethnic people at his feet murmur, "Why did you come?

We're just curious. You have a human daughter over there. We just want to meet her.
"...... Why did you attack them?

"Oh, they never told us where she was. I thought they'd tell us if we hurt them, but they didn't tell us anything about her. They must really care about her.

 I was surprised by the words of such a winged man. The people were being hurt because they didn't give up any information about me. They didn't give up my information, and they were trying to protect me. I'm a little surprised that ...... would do that.

Why does he want to see me?
"Because I saw you before, and it bothered me. --My gut was telling me that we shouldn't leave it alone, that we should meet.

 The winged man said, looking straight at Dong and the others.

...... What does that mean? I will not allow you to harm her.
I have no intention of doing that. If she's just a human girl, she's of no interest to us. We don't care about a species that can't even fly freely. But when I saw her, I was curious. If that buzzing in your heart was a misunderstanding, we won't have anything to do with you.
"What if it's not a mistake?
At least we won't hurt you. We don't know what we're going to do until we're involved, but if you care about us, we care about you.

 ---These people are not interested in anyone but themselves. I can see that. They care about the beings that have wings and fly, but they don't care about the rest of us. Those people care about me.

 ---The Girl and the Winged Ones 1
 The girl who is a child of the gods listens to the people with wings while hiding.