149 Girls and Winged Ones 3

 --They said they couldn't leave me alone, that they wanted to be a part of me.

 These words were conditionally accepted in our village as a result.

 This was because Dong and the others did not know if what they said was true. My intuition is telling me that it is safe to trust them, but they don't have that feeling.
 That's why they were allowed to stay by my side, on condition. So the man who had been talking to the donggues the most was the one who had been the most vocal, and he was the one who came to the village first.

 This man, Biller, wants to stay by my side for the time being, so I have him under my watchful eye, but he basically wants to go wherever I go.
 I was concerned that she might go out of control and try to do everything I told her to do, just like Ms. Illume. But these winged people don't seem to be that devoted to me.
 I'm sure they care about me, but I'm not their first priority.

Why do you care about me, Mr. Biller?
"I don't know, ....... I just get this strange feeling from ....... It's like I'm praying to our god--

 Maybe because I'm a godchild. Maybe because I'm a godchild, and maybe they have something to do with the gods that are influencing me. But I haven't told the winged ones that fact. Of course, there's Mr. Lan, Mr. Sinorn, and Ms. Sireva here. And Rahmer and the others. None of them have mentioned the fact that I'm a godson.
 Maybe one day, when I'm truly friends with the winged ones, I'll tell them, but right now, it would be too inadvisable.

 By the way, it seems that the winged people can't find the location of this village even from above, probably because I want to prevent them from finding it. Mr. Ran said that the village might be becoming a place where you can't come without being invited.

 Perhaps the God of the Winged Ones is the God who is influencing me. If so, I'd like to visit the place where the god is worshipped. I'd have to be sure that it's safe to go to ......, but I'm also intrigued by the places where winged people live.

 Mr. Biller didn't seem particularly interested in anything other than really trying to stay on my side. In the first place, people with wings seem to look down on those who can't fly. As Mr. Biller himself said. He believes that flying beings are supreme, and that is why he has little interest in those who live on the ground. He said that if he had not seen me, he would not have been involved.
 I don't really like that kind of "who's better" or "who's worse" thinking. I think it's best if we can all get along together. However, since there are various kinds of people in the world, I've decided to accept that there are people who think like the winged people.

Oh, yeah. ......

 Mr. Biller knows that we are not telling him everything. But Mr. Biller doesn't ask more questions than he has to.

 I look at Mr. Biller and think about the ethnic people. Those people have been well taken care of and are slowly getting better. Mr. Dong said that the people who didn't tell the winged people my name or anything else was a sign that they didn't want to antagonize our village.

 ---There were some conflicts, but I believe that we can be friends with them if we feel that way.

 Of course, I understand that it is difficult to get along with all the people, but I hope that I can build more cooperative relationships with those people. I will have to discuss this with Dong and the others.

 In my village, there are many different people.

 People like me, Mr. Lan, Mr. Ilum and others. Among them, Mr. Illume admires me.
 Even among the same people, Fito and his people have their own unique way of thinking.
 Beastmen like Gaius and Dong. They believe in gryphons.
 Elves like Sireva and the others. They believe in spirits like Fresne as gods.
 ---plus the winged ones. I haven't been able to find out what they believe in or what their gods are. But they probably fly or are related to the sky.

 The number of people involved is increasing little by little. And with that, I'm getting to know a lot of ideas. I have to rethink and choose how I should move among them.

 ---People with Wings 3
 A group of winged people are accepted into the village of a young girl. However, they are not told the whole story.