150 The Prince and the Troubles

 The civil war in the Kingdom of Fairytlov is over. However, the country is still in turmoil, but the new king has no intention of invading the Kingdom of Migga, the home of Hiccup Migga. In the first place, I don't think the kingdom of Fairytlov can afford it.

 I'm disobeying a warrant from my father at ....... I did not give the order to kill the screaming slaves. Rather, I am hiding them, pretending to kill them. So far, your father probably doesn't know. If he did, he would have killed me long ago. But there is a possibility that ...... might be keeping me in the dark. To be honest, the thought of that frightens me.

 My father is the absolute, most terrifying thing in the world to me.
 If I hadn't met Nina, I wouldn't have thought of disobeying my father. But now I'm defying him of my own free will. Discriminating against humans because of their race, forcing them into slavery. I'm acting according to my heart, which was disgusted by that act.

 --I'm convinced that the girl I encountered once is the true divine child. I got word from Nina about it. The real godson is the twin sister of the girl who was supposed to be the godson. And that her name is Lelunda.
 I'm sure of it because I've been informed that she mentioned that name when her men tried to kill the beastman boy.
 And if she's a godson, she's probably still alive ....... In the untouched forest, or maybe in the country beyond. She's probably alive in some small way. I don't think the godson will die.

 That's why I'm wondering if I can take the beastmen who are making him pretend to be dead to where the child is. --Even if I do that, it might not change the system of the Migga Kingdom itself. Even so, I followed my heart and wanted to do something, to change things. I wanted to have the beastmen delivered to some of my trusted subordinates because Nina had changed me that way. I'm not sure if I can really take the beastmen to the gods in a place where there are ...... demons, though. There is a possibility that someone might lose their life while taking them there. Even so, ...... I gave the beastmen that option.

 The beasts looked at me in disbelief when I apologized and told them how I really felt. I was the one who had done so much to reduce them to slaves, even when it hurt my heart. Some of them even tried to beat me up. But I told them again and again, and they agreed.

 They said they wanted to go to the gods when I suggested it. They said it would be safer than staying in this country. --But not all of us. They want to help their friends who are being held captive. ...... So we're preparing to send some of them to the gods for now. We don't know what that will do, but it's better than nothing, that's what they and I think.

 It was while I was doing this that I learned of the existence of a mysterious feline beastman.

 A beautiful cat beastman that is kept by the daughter of a certain countess and is very much liked by her.
 A cat beastman who is favored by the Countess and seems to be siding with the Countess instead of the beastmen.
 ---I felt uncomfortable with this cat-beastman who is rumored to cut off his friends for his own sake and flatter people.

 It is said that he is treating the beastmen badly under the order of a lady. For her own safety, she is letting the beastman touch her ears and tail, which she normally wouldn't let him touch. He also says that he gathers beastmen to show off his good treatment of them.
 At the same time, the cat beastmen are gradually expanding their range of activities in the kingdom, and the nobles around the Countess seem to think that they are good pawns.

 Isn't there something wrong with that? I thought.

 It seems that none of the beastmen gathered here have been killed. The cat beastman is said to be a traitor by the beastmen I'm in contact with, but that doesn't seem right to me. It is said that he is trying to gain the favor of the Countess and the nobles for his own sake, but ...... there is something different about him.

 I was a little curious, and as I gathered more information, I became more and more curious about the cat beastman.

 It was only an idea that I had, that perhaps the cat-beast-man was working for those who had fallen into slavery.

 If so, I'd like to get in touch with him.
 But if I do, and they find out what I'm doing, if I'm wrong, I'll be killed or captured.
 If the cat-beast is only interested in himself, then I'm dead in the water. I'll end up being tipped off.

 That's why I pondered for a while whether or not to contact him.

 ---The prince and his worries.
 The prince is doing as he pleases. And he's troubled by the presence of a cat-beast.