151 girl and range

 We haven't been able to get her to meet the people. Dong and the others said they'd check on her and make arrangements. Those people didn't give up my information. They want to get along with our village.

 ---I realized that and wanted to take good care of them.

 Maybe that's why it's easier for crops to grow in the places where those people live. I also heard that they were no longer attacked by demons.
 When Mr. Lan told me this, I was surprised.

"......, is that so?
Yeah. I've always found the power of the Divine Child to be mysterious and interesting.

 Mr. Ran seemed to be very interested.
 He loves to learn, and when he discovers something new like this, he smiles happily.

"How did that happen?
"Probably Lerunda's perception. Perhaps it was Lerunda's recognition of them as friends. The power of the Divine Son is so great that it can be influenced by a single recognition.

 Ran continued.

In the Kingdom of Fairytlöf, the influence of the Divine Child was felt throughout the kingdom. That's probably because Lerunda's village was recognized as belonging to the Kingdom of Fairytlov. Does this mean that Lerunda can influence the sphere to which he belongs or is perceived to belong? It is truly amazing what a divine child can do. And those winged people were concerned about Lerunda. Lerunda must have a very strong affinity with beings related to the sky and wind. In that sense, Lerunda may eventually be able to fly around much more than he does now.

 I'm slowly learning to float and move in the sky. I'm slowly learning to float and move in the sky, but I can't fly as freely as people with wings. But I wonder if one day I will be able to fly freely. I'd be happy if I could. Because I think that if I can fly, I can get to know the winged people better. I want to be able to fly more freely.

What is the extent of the divine child's power? How far does the sphere of the Divine Child's power extend? There are many things that need to be understood about the power of the Knights of the Gods. There are only a limited number of Knights of the Godson, but what happens to the rest of the Knights of the Godson ...... mumble mumble mumble.

 I'm sure you're not the only one. I can't help but think that Mr. Ran really likes to learn about things.

 Mr. Ran is mumbling something and taking notes.

 The paper is being made by Mr. Ran, and it seems to be going well. Mr. Ran is writing down a summary of my life, which he's going to bind into a book. I also heard that she and my aunt are working on textbooks for the education of children.

 However, there are not that many children in this village.
 No children younger than my age have been born in the past three years. To begin with, beastmen are less likely to have children than humans. It is said that it is easier to have children during the breeding season. I was told that the reason why there are so many children of my age is because they were in the breeding season. As for the elves, they are less likely to have children than the beasts.

 However, they are going to be born in the future, so Ms. Ran and my aunt are trying their best to teach these children something.

"Hey, Mr. Lan.

 I call out to Mr. Ran, who keeps mumbling.

"I'm sorry. I've been thinking. What is it, Lern Da?
Are you saying that the extent of your influence depends on my thoughts?
Yes, probably. Yes, it probably depends on your unconscious thoughts. No matter how much you try to fix it, if your mind doesn't really think it, it can't affect you.
...... That's scary.

 Unconscious thoughts can influence something. If it is a good influence, it may be fine, but if it is a bad influence, it is frightening.

 The fact that they are influencing us is more frightening.

Yes, it is. ....... A very powerful force is a frightening thing. But you don't have to be afraid. You can be who you are. There's nothing to be afraid of as long as you face the power and do it right.
...... Yeah.

 You have to face what you can do. If I can do that, then I don't have to be afraid of my own power. ---Mr. Ran's words were powerful and reassuring. I nodded and reaffirmed that I would do my best to face it properly.

 ---The Girl and the Range
 The girl talks about the scope of her influence. (The girl, a divine child, talks about the scope of her influence, and once again I realize that I have to face that power.