154 Girl and Aunt 3

 My aunt's life is coming to an end. That's what my aunt said. She said so, so I guess she's not wrong.

 I'm sad about that. But it's natural that we will die one day if we are living things. And even though I feel sad about it, I want to make sure that she can leave in peace. Because I love her so much, I want her to have a good time.

 I want her to have a good time because I love her so much. That's why I've been talking with everyone since she told me she didn't have long to live. I don't know how long she will actually live, but I want her to have a good life until then.

Shall we make her a meal?
"Yes, let's cook.

 I decided to make something that would make her smile and that she could enjoy eating, even if she was sick.

 I, Kayu and Shinomi are preparing it.
 Just the thought of losing her makes me sad, but I try not to make a sad face in front of her. I hoped that she would smile at me so that I could leave in peace.
 I asked Sifo to build a fire and I made some soup to eat.
 At first, Ran said she would cook with her, but since Ran is not a good cook, she decided to do her best to make the trip more enjoyable for her aunt.

 Neither Kayu nor Shinomi said anything about the possibility of their aunt's disappearance. Probably because if they did, they would be so sad that they would cry. I don't talk about it either. I just try to have a pleasant life so that my aunt can have a pleasant life.

 That's why I asked Mr. Biller and the winged ones not to come here for a while. Perhaps reflecting their desire to say goodbye to us alone, it seems that ever since then, Biller and the others have been unable to find our village even if they tried to come. I think the power of the gods is ...... really strange.

 The three of us made a bowl of soup that was easy for the fallen woman to eat, and then took it to her.

Thank you.

 She smiled happily at us.
 I love to see her smile. It makes me happy to see someone smiling.

 She collapsed and has been on the bed ever since. It's not that she couldn't stand up and walk, but her body seemed to be in pain. When I see her like that, I realize that she's going to be gone, and it makes me feel sad. But I try not to show that feeling.

 She taught me many things.
 Auntie who smiled kindly at us.
 Auntie who always watched over us calmly.
 When I think of the kind days I spent with her, I can't help but feel that I love her again.

 We all love you, so we come to you.

 I went to see her again and again. There is always someone around her, and everyone is worried about her.
 As time went by, she gradually lost her energy.

 But still, she smiles all the time, knowing that her body is about to reach the end of its life.

 Whenever we show up, she smiles and says that she is happy to see us.
 That's the kind of smile I love.

"Auntie ......, I love Auntie.
"Thank you, Lelanda. I love ...... Lelanda too.
"Yes, .......

 I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to tell my aunt that I love her. When I thought about it, I wanted to tell her that I loved her even more. People will die one day. ....... That's why I thought again as I looked at my aunt that I should tell her how I feel if I have the chance to do so.

 We, the living, will die one day.
 We are living in a limited time.
 Obaasan's life is about to come to an end.
 --My life will also come to an end someday.

 When I think about it, I feel that I want to live my life without regrets.
 I wish that my current peaceful and happy life would last forever, but nothing lasts forever. Then, I wanted to continue to act so that I could change for the better, even if that meant changing.

 Just as my grandmother's life is about to end, someone else's life will also end at the end of their life. It is impossible that there will be no goodbyes in our lives. I was reminded of this fact as I faced my aunt's life.

 --Two weeks later, she departed with a smile on her face, surrounded by everyone.

 After she passed away, everyone who had spent time with her to make sure she had a good time burst into tears. It was very sad to think that Auntie was no longer with us. I couldn't see her smile anymore. I couldn't hear her voice anymore. I was sad about that fact.

 But I'm sure she passed away happily.
 She smiled and left.

 Her death was very peaceful. Not a sudden death like Athos's, but the death of a living thing after its life is over. Mr. Ran said that it is a happy thing to die peacefully in one's lifetime.

 --It's a sad thing to die, but it's a happy thing to die peacefully. When I think of dying, I get scared. I want to live more and spend more time with everyone. But I wonder if one day, when I am older, I will be able to understand how it feels to die peacefully like my aunt.

 My beloved Auntie.
 We'll do our best. We'll all work together so she doesn't have to worry.

 --So, auntie, please watch over me.

 ---The Girl and Her Aunt 3
 Kamiko said goodbye to her loved ones. Auntie left peacefully.