155 princess and concerned

 I, Ninaef Fairly, exhale in the mansion I've been given.

 --The Kingdom of Fairytlough is not exactly stable at the moment, but it is moving in the right direction. The fact that Alice is not a divine child is an issue that is causing a stir in the kingdom.
 Alice has come to realize that she is not a divine child. She is aware of this, and has spent time reflecting on what she has done.

 However, there are still many people who believe that ...... Alice should be killed. This is because the so-called blessing of the divine child is missing from the kingdom of Fairytlov.
 Until just a few years ago, this country had been growing prosperously without any disasters. The reason it started to take a turn for the worse was because Alice's sister, Master Lerunda, left the country.

 During the seven years that Lerunda was in this country, we took for granted that we had the blessings of the Divine Child. That's why the people of the kingdom are angry about the loss of that blessing and are taking their anger out on the royalty and nobility. And then there are those who have the dangerous thought that executing Alice, who is not a goddess but has spent her life as a goddess, will bring back the blessings of a goddess.

...... It's dangerous to let Alice out.

 Yet, Alice has hardly been out in the world since then. She still has her reasons for not letting her out.
 The people inside the ...... house are slowly losing their ill feelings towards Alice through contact with her, but the people outside will not be easily convinced.

 Alice has been saying that she wants to ask for favors because she has been so selfish. But I can only imagine how she would be used for evil if she went out there and said she would do whatever I asked.

 Alice is a very beautiful girl.
 She's only ten years old, but you can see that she's slowly growing into a beautiful woman. When a girl that beautiful comes to you and says, "I want to ask you a favor," it is obvious that strange people will come to you. Besides, Alice herself is probably only beautiful. Because of her beauty, she was thought to be a divine child.

 Maybe it's because she was considered special that she hasn't been in such a situation before. However, for a commoner girl with such a beautiful appearance, it would not have been surprising if she had been kidnapped. Perhaps she was not in danger when she was in the village, partly because her sister Lerunda was by her side. And after he was taken in as a divine child, he was carefully protected in the Great Temple and did not face such a situation.

 Currently, there is no guarantee that Alice, who was not a divine child, will be able to go out and be safe.

 Alice is a beautiful girl, but she is also a girl who is said to have fooled the gods. --It would be difficult for her to live a normal life with both of them. With that in mind, I'm wondering what I should do. Alice will continue to live in this world unless she dies. Then, should I let her out and dare to show her the reality?
 Or should I let her learn how to live little by little? I'm wondering how I should act. And the human mind is difficult. I can imagine how other people will behave, but I can't really know.

 I don't know how Alice, who is trying to be positive now, will grow up later.
 On top of that, I don't know how Hiccup is doing at the moment.

 I spoke harshly to Master Hiccup. Since then, I've only exchanged letters with Hiccup due to the chaos in my country. In the neighboring kingdom of Migga, there is a rebellion by slaves. Both of our countries are currently unstable. I do not know how Master Hiccup is acting. He said he would help me, but I don't know from the letters on ...... what Master Hiccup is doing now. I would like to meet Master Hiccup directly to understand what he is thinking and doing.

 There is a possibility that he will go back on his word of cooperation.

 Many thoughts are going through my head as to how I should act.

 The first thing I need to do is to stabilize the kingdom of Fairytlov, but what can I do? ...... I've been thinking about this ever since I realized that Alice might not be a godson. I am relieved that I was able to protect Alice for the time being. But even though one goal has been achieved, it doesn't mean that everything is solved.

I'll have to figure out how I'm going to move forward with .......

 I mumbled, and looked up at the sky.

 ---The princess and her concerns.
 (The princess is concerned about her sister, her fiancé, and many other things. (She is worried about her sister, her fiancé, and many other things. She is worried because she doesn't know what other people are thinking.