156 Girl, ethnic and hostage girl 1

 Mr. Dong and his team made arrangements to have Fito meet with some of the representatives of the tribe. The meeting took place in our village. But we were to bring her to the village blindfolded, just in case.

 Because of the incident with the winged people, I've put them in the category of friends. It's a bit complicated to think that people who know that my mind is capable of such things know that the scope of such things can be expanded depending on my perception. But I've decided to accept the idea of a divine child. If that's the way it is, I've decided to accept it even if it makes me feel complicated.

 I decided to sit in on it. I was worried about Phyto. Of course, I wasn't the only one to be there. My contracted gryphons Raymer and Rulmer, my skyhorse Sifo, and my wind spirit Frene.
 The wolf beastmen, Oshacio and Dong.
 Nilsi and Guelade, the cat beastmen.
 Nilsi and Guelade, the cat-beasts. Silva and Wetani, the elves.
 And Mr. Lan.
 Gaius is also there in wolf form, just in case something happens. He's also practicing his wolf form.

"God's daughter, it's good to see you...
"It's been a long time, daughter of God.

 "God's daughter, it's been a long time," the tattooed man said as soon as he saw Fito-chan.
 "Daughter of God," they said, never referring to her by name. This made me feel sad.
 When I was in the village where I grew up, it was normal for people not to call me by my name. So I didn't mind it at all, but I wondered if the sad look on the face of the old man who was the only one who was kind to me was because he felt the same way I did now.

"Yes, I'm very healthy. Where is everyone else?

 Phyto had grown accustomed to being the Daughter of God. She took one look at their demeanor and spoke in a different tone than when she was talking to Gaius and me.
 Phyto-chan is playing the role of "God's daughter" as people want her to. She is acting as someone she is not, and is there.

"Thanks to you, everyone here is doing well.
"The daughter of God...

 Daughter of God, daughter of God, that's what they call her.
 They don't say Fito's name.

 I think that Fito might be one of the forms of me that could have been. For example, if I hadn't met all the family members and beasts with whom I have contracts--they might not have called me just that, "Kami-son" or "Kami-sama," or called me by my name, "Lerunda" or something similar.

 They would have only wanted me to look like a godson, and feared that I would do something unbecoming of a godson. And like Phyto, she may have acted as something she was not.
 It is because of this possibility that I find it even more sad that Phyto is called the daughter of a god.

 She loves the people of her tribe, and that is why she was quiet while she was in this village as a hostage. Deep down, she wants them to see her not as the daughter of a god, but as just a girl named Fito. This is only because she cares about her people.
 The people also call her ......, the daughter of God, but her words and actions seem to indicate that she really cares about Fito. I think they really care about Fito.
 If Fito-chan likes the people of the tribe, and if the people of the tribe also care about Fito-chan, then I think they will understand that Fito-chan wants them to see her as just Fito-chan.

 People are going to die someday. I realized this fact even more when my aunt passed away. That is why I want to live my life with as little regret as possible. My wishes and actions may be called selfish by some people. But I will not act. I don't want to think too much and not act. If I don't take action, nothing will happen.
 That's why I approached Fito and the people.

"Hey, don't you call me by my name, Fito?

 I didn't know how to start, so I said so. I didn't know what to say, so I said it. I might be called rash to approach them like this. But I wanted to move. Besides, Fresne was standing beside me, and I knew I was in no danger with everyone by my side.

You are ......
You can't call the daughter of a god by her name. ......

 That's what the people say.
 The position of daughter of God must be very special to them. The position of daughter of God may have helped the people in many ways. This may be the reason why Phyto is not just a girl, but a daughter of a god.
 I don't know about such circumstances.

 I don't know, but I do know that you want to be called by your name.

"You want to be called by your name, don't you, Phyto?
 I said.

 --A girl, a tribe, and a hostage.
 The girl is with the hostage girl at the reunion with her people. Then she takes action.