157 Girl, ethnicity and hostage girl 2

Does she want to be called by her name?
The daughter of a god?

 They have surprised looks on their faces. Phyto-chan is giving me a puzzled look. She might be surprised that I was so direct. But if you don't say it, nothing will be conveyed. You can't convey your thoughts to people without saying something. You can't read people's minds.

"Yes. Right, Fito-chan?

 I looked at Fito-chan, but he kept a puzzled expression on his face. Even the tribesmen are looking at me.

I think you should say what you want to say, Fito-chan.

 As far as I could see, the people were worried about Fito. My intuition doesn't give me a bad feeling either. I have a feeling that she will be fine, and that's why I tell her.

It's better to say what you want to say.

 Gaius, who was standing right beside me, said something like that to encourage me.
 Phyto-chan may not have understood Gaius' words, but she seemed to sense my agreement. Phyto looked me straight in the eye and nodded.
 Then she looked at the people and opened her mouth as if she had made up her mind.

"All of you, listen to me. Will you ...... listen to my story?

 After the "daughter of God" tone, she rephrased as just Phyto-chan.

 Phyto-chan had been treated as their "daughter of God". I only heard a little bit of her story, and I don't know exactly what kind of relationship was going on between her and the people. Because I wasn't there.
 You have to be there to know what is going on. But I pushed Phyto's back. I knew that she wanted to be called by her name and be accepted as just Fito.

God's daughter ...... would have listened to us all if you hadn't said it like that and commanded us.
What's the matter, daughter of God?
No, I don't like it. I want you to listen to me, just for now. I don't want you to hear my words as a daughter of God, but ...... as a mere phyto.

 "When she was acting as the Daughter of God, Phyto was speaking fluently. She was confident and proud.
 But after shedding her "daughter of God" shell, Fito-chan, like me, is a girl who is not good at speaking.
 Maybe she hadn't spoken in front of her people as a mere Fito-chan. No, maybe it was her first time. They were surprised to think so.

 I wonder if the reason why Phyto-chan had been acting like a daughter of God all this time was because she felt she should. For example, if she hadn't met us, would she have continued to act as "God's daughter"? Is it because of these coincidences, such as meeting us and being taken hostage, that she revealed to me her true feelings of wanting to be seen and called by name?
 I don't know what Fito-chan, a man of few words, actually understands. But Phyto-chan told me that she wanted to be called by her name. She said, "I want you to see me as just Phyto. Then she opened her mouth of her own volition.

"When I was five years old, I became ...... the Daughter of God. I was ...... destined to be one.

 Phyto opened her mouth.

 Five years old.
 I became such a being when I was two years younger than the year my parents abandoned me.

 I was surprised to hear that I might be a godchild. I wonder what it feels like to play such a role at such a young age. For example, if I had been taken in as a divine child, would ...... such a thing have been waiting for me?

I have learned many things from my predecessor, the Daughter of God. I learned many things from my predecessor, the Daughter of God, including our role in ...... and our clan.

 Phyto kept her eyes straight on her people.

"So I wanted to be the 'daughter of God' that they wanted me to be. ...... Even at a young age, I admired my predecessor, the Daughter of God.

 I'm not sure what you mean by that. Because she admired him, she wanted to be the one that everyone around her wanted to be.
 Fito's strong-willed words. The reason why Phyto has spent her life as a "daughter of God.

I was going to be ...... "God's daughter" for as long as people wanted me to be. But ...... things have changed. And I met ...... Lelanda.

 Fito, who had been staring at the people all along, looked at me.
 None of us are going to interrupt. We just listened to Fito.

"We needed ...... "God's daughter" to be who we are. ...... But now that we've met Lelanda and the others, we're being asked to change. ...... And Lelanda was very special. She was so special that she deserved to be called ...... "God's daughter". ...... But even though she is special, ...... Lelunda lives as Lelunda.

 The people needed a "daughter of God". But they had to change.

"Lelunda is special. What do people call her? ...... I don't know. I don't know what people call Lelunda, but I'm called the daughter of God and I act like it. ...... I don't actually have any power. I don't know why they call me ...... daughter of God, but it seems strange to me that I should be called that and act that way. And I wished they would treat me as me.

 She looked at me and told me that, and then looked at the people.
 She clearly said that they had no power.

 ---The girl, the people, and the hostage girl 2
 (The girl who is a child of God listens to the story of the girl who is called the daughter of God and thinks about many things.