158 Girl, ethnicity and hostage girl 3

"Daughter of God, ......, what are you saying?
You have no power?

 Two of the tribesmen - the three of them - shouted as if they didn't understand what Fito was saying. But the other one did not make such a sound.
 He just looked as if he had realized something. Fito looked at the old man straight in the eyes.

"Yong ......, no, Grandpa Yong. You know that we, the Daughters of God, will never have any power.

 These were words of conviction.
 The man called Grandpa Yong took a breath, looked straight back into Fito's eyes, and said.

"Oh, I knew it.
"Mr. Yeung, what do you mean?
What do you mean, Mr. Yeung? "The daughter of God has no power over ......?

 At his words, the other two said in disbelief.

Even though she had no power, we needed a special person to help us. That's why ......, the daughter of God, spent her life as a special being even without power. But ...... you don't need her anymore, Grandpa Yong.
What do you mean, "no longer needed"?
...... Our way of being will change in the future. We don't need a powerless daughter of God in it.

 The way we are, the way our people are, is going to change, she said. She then looked at each of us and the three of us who were upset and said.

"I want you to listen to me. I want you to hear about our people. ....... I want everyone who isn't here to ...... hear about our people, even Lelanda and the others.

 Phyto-chan then began to speak. --She began to tell the story of her people, many of whom were unknown to her. She told them her story, including the fact that even though she was called the daughter of God, she had no power over them.

Our people have been protected and confident because we have ...... daughters of God. It is said that the daughters of God can see everything and communicate with God. --But that's not true. But that's not true, because the daughters of God, myself included, have no power, with the exception of the very first one.

 Daughters of God see everything and communicate with God. That's what they say.

"Long ago, a daughter came to our people. That is ...... the first daughter of God. She is said to have possessed magical powers. --It is said that she had magical powers. ...... Because of this being who heard the voice of God and had magical powers, our people were able to live successfully. I heard that the culture of tattooing was also born in ...... that time. The tattoos are a sign of adoration for the first ...... daughter of the true God. So, I think that ...... our God is the daughter of the true God.

 A long time ago, there was a daughter among the people. She is the daughter of God. A daughter who possessed magical powers.

"It is said that our people were happy when there was a daughter of ...... true God. But after the death of the daughter of the True God, I heard that we were in a difficult situation. So we decided to create a daughter of God for us: ....... That's the beginning of the Daughters of God who have no power like me, ...... we Daughters of God are told.

 For some reason, after the daughter of God disappeared, the people of the nation were in a difficult situation. And that's when they decided to create the Daughters of God.

By creating daughters of God, ...... our clan will become mentally stable. Sometimes, the existence of a daughter of God was used to our advantage, and our family was then able to move in the right direction. Sometimes, we were even treated as vassals of a certain ...... country. But that didn't last. We were forced out of our positions. I hear you've been moving around, looking for a place to stay. --And I became a daughter of God in the midst of wandering without a place to belong. We have been able to keep our family alive through the ...... wonder of it all. After the True God's daughter, we will never have any ...... special powers. But it's not ...... our power, it's the power of the True God's daughter,...... the previous God's daughter said.

 She was displaced and hunted. But the family has survived. ...... From the way Phyto spoke, it must have been quite a miracle.
 I had a strange sense of deja vu as I listened to Fito-chan's story.

We got to ...... here. We met Lerunda and the others. ...... I think this is a good start. We, daughters of God, have no power. We met ...... Lerunda, who has magical powers.

 Phyto-chan looks at me.

I thought, "A powerless daughter of God like me can go back to being a normal daughter. I think the way our clan is should be changed. ......

 Phyto-chan concluded her story with these words.

 Hearing her story, the people of the tribe fell silent. Those who believed in the existence of the daughter of God must have been shocked to hear Fitzy's story. And Ms. Yeon was also silent.
 Surprisingly, it was Ms. Lan who opened her mouth first.

She's the daughter of the true God ......, she sees everything, she communicates with God, she has mysterious powers... she might be the same as our Godchild.

 I was startled by these words.
 That must have been the strange feeling of deja vu I felt. --The being called the Daughter of God is just like the being called the Divine Child.

 ---A girl, an ethnic group, and a hostage girl 3
 The hostage girl told me about the history of her people.