159 Merchants, chasing.

Let's go.

 I'm Saddha of the Venetian Chamber of Commerce.
 I'm the head of the Vene Corporation. However, since I just took over from my father, my leadership skills are not as good as my father's.

 This time, I decided to help the prince of the Kingdom of Migga as he was trying to help the beastmen. At first, I wondered what he was thinking, but as I investigated, I gradually began to understand his thoughts.

 It seems that the prince had come to seriously want to help the beastmen for some reason.
 --When I found out that the trigger was the divine child girl that Landono Stoffer ...... was chasing, I thought it was a good opportunity. So I made contact with her and decided to go to her with the prince's men.

 To be honest, I was stopped by a lot of people, but I really wanted to go to the girl, Kamiko. It was of course because I thought it would be easier for the Chamber of Commerce to move forward if I had connections with a girl who was a godson, but more than anything I wanted to see Ran, whom I hadn't seen in three years .......

 In the past three years, I've done a lot of laying the groundwork and making the proper preparations.
 I was going to go after Ran, who had gone into the forest alone to chase a girl who might be a godson.

 To be honest, the chances of Ran being alive were slim. In the first place, I don't even know if the girl I decided to chase is still alive. Nevertheless, the beastmen chose to go to the divine child. Even though they thought that they might die.
 I also wanted to ...... see Ran again, even if it meant I would die. So I decided to go after him. With the beastmen.

"Yes. Let's go.
Chairman, we're all set.

 I'm not the only one from the Venetian Chamber of Commerce going to the Son of God. The Veneers will follow.

 It was hard to prepare for the secret action without the Kingdom of Migga and the Kingdom of Fairytlov knowing about it, but we were able to enter the forest. In the meantime, I've entrusted the affairs of the Venetian Chamber of Commerce to someone I trust while I'm gone. It took me three years to complete the preparations in case I did not return. Now that I'm ready to move successfully between the two kingdoms, I can go after Ran.

 Ran, who is two years older than me and should be twenty-three by now. I wonder how he would be spending his time if he were still alive. I don't mean if I were alive, but rather on the assumption that I am alive because I am somehow convinced that I am, and would like to believe so.

 The forest is vast and untouched by the state.

 There are many demons living there, and dangerous plants growing wild. Nature is a threat. You never know what will happen in the untouched nature.

 To be honest, I'm not good at rough stuff.
 I like to think. I like to work with numbers. To be honest, I prefer to stay at home and think without moving. I wouldn't have gone into the woods if I hadn't known that Ran was out there.

 I'm not very strong, and I'm probably the slowest of all the people who are trying to get to the place where the gods are. If it weren't for the fact that I wasn't a member of the Chamber of Commerce and hadn't been providing them with supplies and support, they would have abandoned me long ago. However, even if I were in such a position, there is a good chance that the beastmen would abandon me.

 But I wanted to chase after Ran even if there was such a risk.
 That's why I've been preparing for three years to go after Ran like this.
 I want to meet Ran, partly because we are ...... friends, but also because I have feelings for him. I don't think Ran is aware of any of this, and if she were alive and with the child, she might not even remember me. Because Ran is the kind of person who can only see his research subject when it's in front of him.

 Anyway, I wonder if the child is in the forest, or at the end of the forest where I can't even imagine. Will Ran be there next to him? I wonder how Ran is doing after three years. ...... I consider myself a friend, but I wonder if Ran remembers me. I have a lot of anxiety because I'm so busy chasing after Kamiko and other interesting things that I wonder if Ran has forgotten about me.

 There's no guarantee that I'll ever see him again, but all I can think about is how I wish I could.
 What would I say to him if I did? I've been thinking about this for a long time when I have time to spare. However, being in the middle of the forest, it was not without its dangers, and there were times when we were attacked by demons.

 Some people were injured, and I realized that this forest was dangerous. I don't know if I can really meet Ran at the end of this dangerous path. But believing in the possibility of meeting him, I continued on my way.

 ---Merchant, chase!
 The merchant wants to meet me, that's why he went ahead in the danger.