164 Girl and Daughter of a Powerless God 1

 At first, I asked the people to leave and gathered at my house with Phyto-chan, Gaius, Ran and Dong.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this in the future. I'm not sure what to do about it. ...... But, as Ran feared about the priestess Illume, it may be that Fito and the people of the tribe are too concerned about the existence of the divine child to let it get out of control. Given that, what should I do?

 Gaius, still in his wolf form, walked into the house and then ran out of magic power and reverted to his beastman form.
 Phyto-chan was surprised to see this. It's not hard to see why, since she didn't know that Gaius could change into a wolf.

...... Is that part of your power as a daughter of God?

 I'm not sure what to make of that.
 I brought her to my house to talk about it, but I was wondering what I should say to her.
 It was Ran who spoke up.

If Lernda is the same as your God's daughter, then you will not harm her, right? Then there is no problem. Or maybe you've moved in the right direction.
"Run ......, this time it's good, but don't open your mouth carelessly.
...... Yes. I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry about that, but I'm still glad it worked out the way it did. So, Phyto, I want to ask you, are you sure about what you just said?

 Mr. Lan replied to Mr. Dong, and then to Fito.

Yes, of course. I'm there as a friend and companion of Lelunda. I won't do anything to hurt Lelunda, and I won't let anyone else do it either. I'm the daughter of a god with no power. ...... But I'll do it."

 Phyto said with a determined look in her eyes.
 I won't do anything that will get me in trouble. And I won't let my people do it either.

"Will you listen to Lelunda, please? "Will you listen to Lelunda and promise not to do what Lelunda doesn't want you to do for her?
"...... What does that mean?
I'm afraid so. A being that has faith in Lerunda is a kind of bomb. The power of faith is a terrible thing. I'm afraid that people who have so much faith in Lerunda will do things for him that he doesn't want. So I'm asking you. Even if you yourself are fine, can you really control those people?

 Ran-san is asking Phyto-chan.
 I listened in silence with Gaius. I didn't know what to say, so I left it up to Ran-san.

...... Well... I'm a friend of Lernda's, too. I'm a friend of Lelanda's, so I'm not as blind as everyone else. If I'm being blind, please scold me. But people may treat Lelanda like a god. I am ...... certainly not powerful. I may be called the daughter of God, but I have no power. But ...... I'm not going to let you all run amok at any cost.
You told them that you have no power, but can you still control them?
...... I'm considered a friend by Lern Da. I told them that I had no power, but as a friend of the true God's daughter, I think I can probably handle it. And I won't let you run off with everything I have. I'll risk my life. I swear it.

 Risking your life is a terrible thing to say, Phyto.
 I don't want you to do that. I don't want you to do that because I'm sad that the girl you made friends with is going to die.

"...... Fito, don't risk your life. I'll be sad if you die.
"But ...... Lern Da.
It's okay, Fito. You don't have to risk your life, Phyto.

 I don't have a bad feeling about this. To you and to the people. Somehow, I have a feeling.
 I can understand why Ms. Ran is wary. I can see why you're concerned about issues like Ms. Illume's. But I somehow think it's gonna be okay.
 Phyto said she'd be my friend, my companion.
 Those were words I could believe. It was a nice word that I could accept without any bad feeling.

 So I knew that if Phyto said she would do it, it would be okay.

"Well, ......, you think Lelanda will be okay?

 I nodded, and Ran-san looked a little relieved.

So it's probably okay. But ...... even if Lelanda's intuition says it's okay, the power of the divine child is not absolute. So don't let your guard down.

 I nodded at Ran's words.

 That day, Phyto-chan stayed at my house.
 The gryphons stayed there as a precaution.

 When I fell asleep, I prayed for you, Phyto.

 ---The Girl and the Powerless God's Daughter 1
 (The girl heard the determination of the powerless god's daughter. And I prayed for the daughter of a powerless god.