165 Girl and Daughter of a Powerless God 2

 I woke up and pulled myself up.
 I get out of bed and look at Fito-chan, who is still asleep, with a sleepy head.


 I froze.

 Fito-chan's light green hair had changed to a light red.
 The change in her hair color gave me the impression that she had become a different person.

I ...... did it again.

 I did it again, just like I did with Raymar and with Gaius.
 I guess I've done it again.
 Phyto-chan said she wanted to be called by her name, just a girl named Phyto. I've done something to Fito.

 I thought about it, and I knew I had.

 As I froze, Fito opened his eyes.
 Then she wakes up and finds me frozen in place. When she saw my expression, she looked at me as if to say, "Why are you looking like that?

...... I'm sorry, Fito-chan.
"Why are you apologizing?
"Your hair ...... is changing color. It's probably my fault.

 Phyto-chan touches her hair with a surprised expression. Then she looks down.
 Fito-chan's eyes widen as she sees that her hair has changed color.

...... hair color is different, but how can this be Lelanda's fault?
"Maybe because I prayed for Phyto. ...... And I did something to Phyto. Maybe you're different now, Fito.
If I pray, will you do something?
Yeah. ...... Ran told me that he was called the 'Knight of the Divine Child'. I may have unconsciously made Fito-chan into something like that.

 I didn't pray to be made a 'knight of the gods' at the time of Raymar, or Gaius, or this time. I don't know how it's chosen, but when I feel strongly about something, that's when the change comes to someone.
 If I care for the people of my ethnic group, crops will grow more easily where they are. I don't understand the power of gods and goddesses. And it's strange.
 I think I need to learn more about the existence of gods and children. I need to know exactly what kind of power I have and what I can do. If I don't know, I might end up causing unexpected events.

 Without listening to Fito's will, my prayer worked on him. So I thought she would be angry. But she didn't.

No need to apologize. ...... This is the daughter of God. ...... No, it's part of the power of the Divine Child.
"...... Phyto-chan, you said you wanted to spend time as Phyto-chan. But I did something to Phyto. So ......
No, don't worry about it. Either way, even if I wanted to live as ...... just Phyto, people would still treat me as the daughter of God that I was. And I would have preferred to have the power to keep everyone from doing what Lelanda didn't want them to do. ...... I would have done it without the power, but ...... I wanted the power, I wanted the change.

 That's what Gaius said. Gaius said it was because he was asked and he answered.
 It's because I prayed and you wanted it.

So don't apologize, Lelunda. Just thank you for giving me something. It makes it easier. It makes it easier for me to work for you.
"......, Fito.

 Phyto-chan looked me straight in the eye and said.
 She's determined, and she's alive. That's the expression on her face.
 When she was in this village as a hostage, Fito-chan was lethargic and didn't want to do anything. She was just there, just like I was in the village where I grew up. --But now Fito-chan is full of enthusiasm, determined to do what needs to be done and to achieve it.

What can I do now?
"I'm sorry, I don't know.

 Raymar has changed into beautiful golden feathers, grown a size larger, and is the strongest of the gryphons.
 Gaius got silver ears and a tail, and he can change his form into a wolf.
 Then, what could Phyto-chan do now? In the first place, what kind of blessing does this divine child actually give? That's what I still don't understand. What kind of changes will those blessings bring about?
 I don't even know what Raymer and Gaius can do yet.

Okay. I get it. Then let's find out what they can do now.
Yeah. We'll find out together.

 It seemed that a good amount of time had passed while I was talking with Fito. Mr. Ran opened the door and said, "Lelanda, Fito, are you awake?

 As soon as he opened the door, Ran said, "Phyto has the blessing of the Divine Child? That's ......," he said, and began to mull over something. Mr. Ran is an avid researcher, so when he saw the change in Fito, he seemed to have a lot on his mind.

 ---The Girl and the Powerless Daughter of God 2
 (The blessing of the child girl is given to the powerless daughter of God. (No one knows yet what was given to the daughter of a powerless god who has no power.