166 Happy news with the girl

 The fact that the blessing had been given to Fito was known throughout the village. The fact that she had been given the blessing was known to the whole village, as evidenced by the change in her hair color.

 However, it was currently unknown what kind of power Fito-chan had acquired. There aren't many examples of a "Knight of the Divine Child" existence. That is why no one knows how Fito-chan has changed. Phyto-chan didn't seem to care about that. Even if they didn't know, it was a fact that Fito-chan had become a "Knight of the Divine Child" and said that this made it easier for him to move around.
 Mr. Ran was very curious.
 It seems that Fito-chan has also become a subject of his research, and he is wandering around Fito-chan with great enthusiasm.

 After that, Phyto-chan went to the people. The people knew that she was a girl with no power, but since I had given her a blessing, she was considered special as a daughter of God. I didn't go with her, so I don't know the details, but Mr. Dong, who went with her, told me.
 Phyto-chan seems to have successfully persuaded the people. He said that she was very convincing in her own words, standing up and saying what she wanted to say.
 She offered to stay in our village to keep in touch with her people and support me, so she did. She is not allowed to go alone, but she is free to stay in the village.

I don't know what a blessing is.
Yes, I do. There are still many unanswered questions. There are not many records of past divine children. So we have to ask Phyto about this daughter of the True God who is supposed to be a past divine child.

 Mr. Ran's eyes lit up at my musings.
 You really have a strong will to know what you want to know. I guess she's really curious about the existence of the Divine Child.
 Sifo the Skyhorse and Wannon the Griffon, who were standing right next to her, looked at her in disgust.

"Hee hee hee, you're excited.
"Guru guru guru guru.

 That's what they're both saying. I really like you because you're so passionate about your research and what you want to do.

 Mr. Ran has been asking a lot of questions to Phyto ever since she received the Blessing. You'll be able to find out more about the true God's daughters in the past, as they've been passed on to Fito and the other God's daughters.
 Mr. Sinorn was worried that Ms. Lan was at a good age. She is twenty-three years old, but she is working very hard on her research and is not thinking about getting married. Sinorun and the others seemed to be worried about that.

 I don't know much about it, but it seems that everyone gets married when they are about 20 years old. It seems that some commoners get married much later, but Mr. Ran, as a former nobleman, had been told that he was too late to marry. Some people say that if they don't marry early, they won't be able to have children.

It doesn't matter. I want to learn more than that.

 Mr. Ran said to me with a sharp face, "Aren't you going to get married? Mr. Ran said to me.

 I wonder if I'll get married when I grow up. I don't really feel comfortable with such things.
 I wonder what marriage is like. The couples in this village seem to be very happy. When I see them, it makes me feel good. I like the idea of a close family.

 I think of the gryphons, Sifo, and Fresne as family, but I wonder if they will have a different kind of family when they get married. I'm a little curious.
 Just as I was getting a little curious about this, I got some good news.

"You're pregnant?

 Yes, it was that Wetani, an elf living in the village, was pregnant with a child. Wetani was an elf, so it was much harder for her to have a child than a human or a beast. Ms. Sireva was shouting with joy that this was the first elf child in a very long time.

 I felt happy too.

 I thought, "Oh, I see. I realized that sometimes people die, and sometimes people are born like this.
 A life is lost and a life is born.
 My aunt is gone, but a new life is being nurtured in my belly, and a new encounter is waiting for me.
 The thought of that made my heart skip a beat.

 I touched my hand to Wetani's belly and felt her heart beating alive.
 ...... New life. A new encounter.
 I was happy to think that it was waiting for me.

 ---The girl and the good news.
 The girl heard the good news. A new life is dwelling in that elf.