167 Girl and singing party 1

 Since arriving here, we've been slowly building our village.

 I like my days here. I think I really like being with everyone and having fun. I love you all so much that I can't help but hope to live here peacefully forever.

 The winged ones, the people, and the priestess, Illume.
 I've met a lot of people since I've been here. And then there was the farewell of my aunt's death.
 We've been busy living in a new place, but we've finally decided to do something we've always wanted to do.

 It was a singing contest.

 The gryphons and Sipho love to sing, and I've always wanted to do something like that.
 When I mentioned this to Ran and Dong, they agreed, saying that it would be good for the village and would be fun.

 Although I still had some worries about the winged ones, I was happy to be able to hold the event.
 I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm also going to participate. I wanted to be there and have a good time with everyone.
 The gryphons and the sifo said they were looking forward to it.
 Fresne said that she could show up and sing if she wanted to, but that she would not participate.

 We are now preparing for the singing session.
 The singing session will be held at a square in the village.
 I was happy just to prepare for it with everyone.

 This time, winged people, Phyto-chan and other ethnic people are also coming. However, not all of them could come, so there were only a limited number of people. We still don't know what the winged people are, and we're still wary of the tribesmen, so we'll be keeping a close watch on them.

 However, Ilm and Sheehan are not participating because they are still worried about letting them meet Fito and the others. Sheehan didn't seem to have any complaints, as if he didn't care as long as Ilum was there.

 To prepare for the singing session, I worked with Shinomi, Ilkesai, and Dandonga to set up benches and set up the stage.
 The ethnic people who had come to help were saying things like, "God's daughter doesn't have to move," but Fito scolded them. I was glad that Phyto-chan was there. If Fito had not been there, my relationship with my people might have been difficult. I think I'm here now because Fito-chan took my side and promised to take care of my people.

 Also, the people of my tribe have been blessed by me, not as a daughter of God, but as a person blessed by a daughter of God. They're going to start calling you a priestess of the god's daughter.

Lelunda, can I have that one?

 She nodded at Shinomi's words.

 I'm not as strong as the beast children. If I don't do anything, I'll be useless, so I'm using my body-enhancement magic to help out. I'm really happy to be able to help people like this.
 I'm really happy to be able to do something together like this, and I can't help but enjoy it.

 Ms. Ran can't do any hard work, so she does her best to make the programs for the sing-along. Whenever she decides to do something, she does her best. She will do everything she can to make the concert a success. Unfortunately, Mr. Lan said he doesn't sing.

He said, "If I had a piano or violin, I could play it. ......".
 Mr. Lan could play the piano and violin, which I thought was great. It is said that he can play them as a taste of nobility. I would like to play such instruments someday. If you can get your hands on one, will you let me know?

 Along with this desire, a new hope came to me.
 I'd like to do an event that includes instruments someday.

 Someday it would be fun to have instruments. Singing and playing instruments came to my mind. The concert is still in preparation and hasn't started yet. Still, the thought of the future made me excited.

Lelanda, what's wrong, your hand is stuck?
I'm excited, I thought.

 When I stopped to think about the future, I was approached by Ilkesai. I just smiled and told him how I felt.

 In this way, we all worked together to prepare for the concert.

 ---The Girl and the Singing Party 1
 (A singing contest is to be held in the village of a girl who is a goddess. Everyone is doing their best to prepare for it.