168 Girl and Singing Party 2

 The day of the singing session arrived.

 It was a beautiful sunny day.
 The venue for the singing session was outside. There is no big indoor facility. It might be fun to build such a facility someday. It makes me really happy to have more and more things to do.

 I feel excited about the possibility of having a singing contest.

 I wonder what kind of songs everyone will sing. I'm looking forward to the ethnic groups, because I'm sure they'll know songs I don't know.
 I like the fact that the gryphons and the sifo also sing their favorite songs. They seem to enjoy it, and I enjoy it more than anything.

 The only songs I used to know were the ones I had vaguely heard in the village where I was born and raised, but I gradually learned more and more songs through listening to others sing them.

 Singing is fun.
 That's why I was so happy that this kind of event was held.

 When I think about it, the reason I met Gaius was because Sifo and I were singing, and that made me love the act of singing even more. For example, if I hadn't met Gaius at that time, the relationship between me and the beastmen might have turned out differently.
 For example, if I hadn't met Gaius at that time, the relationship between me and the beastmen might have been different. I might have met the beastmen, but in a different way.

We will now begin the first singing session. First of all, this singing contest is--

 Ms. Ran is giving a spirited performance as the MC. Ran-san said that in the city, there are tools to make your voice reach farther, but not here. That's why Fresne is using wind magic to make sure everyone can hear her.

 Some people were appalled that I would use magic for something like this, but since I can use magic, I want to use it for something like this. I'm glad Fresne did it when I asked him to.
 I think it would be more convenient if we could use magic more in our daily lives.
 The singing session started with Ran as the MC. Next to me is Gaius. Gaius doesn't sing in the singing contest either. He just participates as a spectator.
 I had invited him to join us, but he had refused, saying he was too embarrassed. Too bad. But I'm happy just to be able to sit in line and watch the event. I was also happy to be able to share such a fun event with Gaius.

 The first to sing was a duet of a man and a woman, the elves Ondai and Zailarru. Their singing voices were truly beautiful. Many Elves have beautiful voices, and they are very pleasant to listen to.
 The story goes that they are a married couple.
 They don't seem to have any children because elves have difficulty having children, but they are a good couple.
 The two of them are singing together, creating a beautiful sound. The songs of the elves are all in praise of the spirits.

 A voice in praise of the spirits, directed at them.
 It seemed to be a song of hope that the contracted spirits who were still sleeping in the spirit tree would get well soon.
 The Spirit Tree is swaying and rustling in the wind.
 I thought it would be nice to hear the voices of the elves singing to the spirits resting in the tree.

 Next, Shinomi sang a song. Shinomi's gentle voice was soothing. It seemed that Shinomi was singing a song that had been handed down in the beastmen's village.
 It is a song for surviving in the forest. There are many songs that have been handed down to the beastmen, some of which are songs of battle, some of which are songs of survival, and some of which are songs for the gryphons.

 And the baby gryphons.
"round and round and round
"round, round, round, round, round, round!
 and "Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru!

 What the gryphons are saying is something that only I can understand. But even if I don't know what they are saying, their cute voices are soothing to everyone. The little gryphons are so cute. I love them so much I want to hold them forever.

 The little gryphons have grown a little bigger than when I first met them.

 By the way, Gaius sitting next to me is also taller than when we met. I'm sure I'm getting taller too, but the difference in height between me and Gaius is getting wider. I thought that since most of the beastmen are tall and strong, they must be getting bigger.

"Round and round and round...
♪ round and round and round and round ♪

 The baby gryphons were singing with such a joyful feeling that it made my cheeks relax. After the child gryphons finished their song, the sifo's song came next.


 She sang with pride, but Sifo's singing sounded a little different from the others. Ms. Ran muttered, "Sifo is tone deaf, isn't she? But it didn't matter, because she seemed to be enjoying herself.

"Haha, that's fun, Gaius.
"Yes, it is.

 Gaius smiled and nodded at my words.
 And then it was my turn.

 ---Singing session with a girl 2
 (A singing contest is held in the village of a girl who is a divine child. The girl seems to be enjoying herself as she listens to each song.