169 Girl and Singing Party 3

 It's my turn at the sing-along.

 I go up on stage.
 I'm kind of embarrassed that everyone is looking at me. It's embarrassing, but it gives me a warm feeling.
 I don't know, I like everyone. I'm not used to standing in front of people like this, but I feel so happy because I like you.


 I spin a song.
 Songs I've heard and learned.
 Singing is fun. It makes me feel happy.
 I often find myself humming songs. When I think about it, I wonder if my hobby is singing.

 I want to listen to more songs.
 I want to learn more songs.
 I want to sing more and more songs.
 These feelings come to my mind.
 I was happy that the things I wanted to do kept coming to me like this.

 When I finished singing, everyone applauded me. I could feel that the spirit tree was also happy.
 I hope the spirit tree will get well soon. I hope the spirits get well soon, and I hope to see the elves again soon.
 That's what I thought as I finished the song and watched the spirit tree fluttering in the wind.

 After I finished, some of the adult beastmen sang. Sinorn was among them. He was singing the same song that Shinomi was singing. There were many songs in praise of the gryphons. The gryphons are shy, but I like songs in praise of gryphons.

 The winged ones also sang.
 There were songs about flying, songs about worshipping the sky, songs about looking down from above, and perhaps even songs to their gods. They said that when they look at me, they feel like they are looking at a god. I wonder what their god is.

 As I listened to the song, it sounded very strong.
 Listening to the song, my heart rises. Winged people don't think well of those who can't fly. But they participated in this event because it was something I wanted to do.
 I wish I knew more about the winged ones. I'd be happy to get to know them even if it's difficult. That's why I want to get to know them. I feel that if I can get to know them, I can get closer to them.

 And at the end, Phyto sang.
 It was probably a song for the true daughter of God. She sings it while dancing. It's a dedication dance to the daughter of the true god.
 She wore a special, colorful costume and danced with light steps. The dance was very beautiful.

 It was so beautiful that I couldn't help but admire it.

 I felt a little embarrassed because she was dancing while looking straight at me. Maybe that dance is for me too. It's dedicated to me too. I could see it in her eyes.

 I was impressed that she was a good dancer. I'd like to be able to dance like that. I think so, I'll try to learn it next time. I think it would be a great sight to dance with Phyto.

 Phyto's dance is mysterious and beautiful.
 I think it's very beautiful to dance for someone. It is a meaningful dance.
 It is a dance that has been danced for many years by the Fito people.
 Even the winged ones were admiring and applauding the dance. It was truly amazing.

 After that, some more people sang songs and the singing session ended.

 It was Fito's song and dance that left the biggest impression on me. She said that she had no power, that she was just a daughter of God, but her singing and dancing seemed to be powerful enough.

 After the singing session, everyone cleaned up.

 I thought it was nice to be able to do the same thing together, from the preparation to the event to the cleanup. I was very happy to be able to do this kind of thing together.

 Also, by listening to everyone's songs, I think I learned as much as I could about them.
 I felt that singing has something to do with the trajectory of people's lives. How they have lived, how they feel, what they are thinking, all these things are combined to make a song.
 Through the singing session, I was reminded that singing is really interesting.
 The cleanup was tiring, but I was very happy to be able to talk with everyone as we went along.

Thank you, Ms. Lan. It was fun.
"I'm glad.

 I thanked her and she smiled at me.
 I love to see her kind smile.

"Let's do it again next time.
Yes, it was such a fun event. Everyone had a great time. I enjoyed it so much that I'm looking forward to the next one at .......

I'm looking forward to it!

 It made me happy to be able to talk with Mr. Lan about the next time.
 I'll tell Mr. Lan and Mr. Dong as much as I can about what I want to do next. Then I'm sure the next one will be more fun.

 ---The Girl and the Singing Party 3
 (The girl, who is a child of the gods, enjoys the singing contest and thinks she likes to sing. And she thinks about the next one.