182 Girl and Picture Book 1

"Lernda, I can now make some paper. I'd like to talk to Lernda about .......
"Consultation ......?

 I was just thinking about having lunch when Mr. Lan came to me with a twinkle in his eye.

 She looked excited, as if she had just thought of something. Mr. Ran is really enthusiastic about what he likes. She's still the same person she was when we first met, doing what she wants to do and sparkling.
 You haven't changed since we met. It's natural that we're adults, but you and I are closer than ever, and it makes me feel strange. I know in my head that this is how I'm going to grow up, but I can't imagine it.

 Incidentally, Mr. Illume is not around at the moment, which is unusual.

I'm sure you'll be able to understand that I'm not the only one. ...... He said he wanted to make the place where I pray, called the Altar of Lerunda, into a bigger building. But I refused. I mean, I wouldn't feel comfortable if the place where I pray was made like that.
 When I told him that, he said he was going to build another church-like place, and he's really excited about it. I wonder what will happen to ....... Well, I'm sure Dong and the others will stop him if he tries anything weird.

Yes. I want to make a picture book.
A picture book?
Yes. I want to spread simple stories for children. So, as a first step, I'd like to make a picture book for you, the Divine Child.
For me?
Yes. Yes, that's right. There may be a lot of conflicts in making a book about yourself, but I think that making a book about you will be good for the future.
"For the future?
This village is getting more and more populated. There will come a day when this village will be called a city or a country. I'm hoping for such a future. In that case, it would be easier to move if there is a picture book about gods and children. You have decided to live as a godson. You've decided not to hide the fact that you're a child. That's why you need something to recognize Lerunda. It may be difficult for Lelunda to understand, but it's a form of manipulation.

 That's what Mr. Lan said. If it is a difficult story for me, but I am a party to it, she will tell me. She doesn't hide things from me and say things are going on without my knowledge. He considers my feelings and spins his words properly.

 He says it's better to have it for when this place gets bigger.

 Ms. Ran has bound a book about me, but it seems that not many people want to read a book that just summarizes the facts about me. This may be one of the reasons why I am thinking of making a picture book.

As the number of people is increasing, the number of words is increasing. As the number of people has increased, there are many people who cannot read, so I thought that picture books would be a good choice for reading to them. There may not be a problem now because there are only this many people, but if the number of people increases, there is no guarantee that there will not be people who want to harm Lelanda. A child of the gods is a special being, but because of that, there is a strong possibility that they will be targeted. That is why this is a picture book. I want to create something that will make everyone who lives here feel that they must take good care of Lelanda, the divine child. Even if I make it, there may be people who want to harm Lernda. ...... Still, I think that if there is a picture book or something that triggers people to want to take care of Lernda, there will be fewer people who mess with Lernda.

 Mr. Lan is worried about me. She's worried about me, and that's why she's saying this. Because I know that, a warm feeling spreads in my heart.

"You really care about Lerunda, don't you? Lerunda, I think your policy is very good. I'll protect Lelunda too, but it may not be enough.

 Fresne, who had been listening to Ran's words in silence, turned to me. I'm not going to show myself, so Mr. Ran doesn't detect Fresne's appearance or voice.

I'd like to talk to you about the content of the book, if that's okay. I want to make a good one based on Lerunda. I want to make a good one based on Lerunda, and one day I want it to be a story that everyone here loves, that everyone has read. ......

 Mr. Ran was full of motivation. I think it's embarrassing that a story is being made about me and that it's being spread. However, I nodded my head in agreement with Ran's suggestion because she was thinking about me and I had decided to live my life as a godson.

 --The Girl and the Picture Book 1
 The girl nodded her head in agreement with Ms. Ran's suggestion. (The girl who is a child nodded to the proposal of the woman, and they talked about how to make a picture book about the child.